How to Write a Test Plan on Online Private E-Clinic?

test plan



This test arrangement depicts the testing methodology and general structure that will drive the testing of the Private E-Clinic Version 1.0. The document presents:

  • Test Strategy: governs the test will be founded on, including the givens of the project; portrayal of the procedure to set up a substantial test
  • Execution Strategy: portrays how the test will be performed and procedure to identify and report imperfections, and to fix and execute fixes.
  • Test Management: procedure to handle the logistics of the test and every one of the events that surface amid execution

Project Overview

The main goal of our project is to design and implement software to assist and help a doctor to run its private clinic, by automating the main daily activities. The proposed software is a web-based application that would increase efficiency and productivity of the doctor to run its private clinic. The potential benefits work in clinic will be more organized and we will ensure that the information will be available and easy to retrieve.


Test Objectives

The target of the test is to check that the usefulness of Private E-Clinic Version 1.0 works as indicated by the determinations. The test will execute and check the test scripts, identify, fix and retest all high and medium seriousness deformities per the passageway criteria, organize lower seriousness imperfections for future fixing by means of CR.

The last result of the test is twofold:

  • A generation prepared software;
  • A set of stable test scripts that can be reused for Functional and UAT test execution.

Test Assumptions

Key Assumptions

  • Creation like information required and be accessible in the framework before begin of Functional Testing
  • In every testing stage, Cycle 3 will be started if the deformity rate is high in Cycle 2.


  • Exploratory Testing would be completed once the construct is prepared for testing
  • Performance testing is not considered for this estimation.
  • All the imperfections would join a depiction JPEG group
  • The Test Team will be given access to Test environment by means of VPN availability
  • The Test Team expect every single fundamental data required amid Test outline and execution will be upheld by Development suitably.
  • Test case outline exercises will be performed by QA Group
  • Test environment and developing so as to plan exercises will be claimed Team
  • Developing group will give Defect fix arranges taking into account the Defect gatherings amid every cycle to arrange. The same will be educated to Test group preceding begin of Defect fix cycles
  • Project Manager will audit and close down all test deliverables
  • The project will give test arranging, test outline and test execution support
  • Test group will deal with the testing exertion with close coordination with Project Manager
  • Project group has the learning and experience fundamental, or has gotten satisfactory preparing in the framework, the project and the testing forms.
  • There is no environment downtime amid test because of blackouts or imperfection fixes.
  • The framework will be dealt with as a black box; if the data indicates effectively online and in the reports, it will be expected that the database is working appropriately.
  • Cycle 3 will be started if there are more surrenders in Cycle 2.


Functional Testing

  • Amid Functional testing, testing group will utilize preloaded information which is accessible on the framework at the season of execution
  • The Test Team will be perform Functional testing just on PRIVATE E-CLINIC VERSION 1.0


Test Principles

  • Testing will be centered on meeting the business targets, cost productivity, and quality.
  • There will be normal, reliable methods for all groups supporting testing exercises.
  • Testing procedures will be all around characterized, yet adaptable, with the capacity to change as required.
  • Testing exercises will expand upon past stages to keep away from excess or duplication of exertion.
  • Testing environment and information will imitate a generation situation however much as could be expected.
  • Testing will be a repeatable, quantifiable, and quantifiable action.
  • Testing will be separated into particular stages, each with plainly characterized targets and objectives.
  • There will be passage and way out criteria.

Data Approach

In functional testing, Private E-Clinic Version 1.0 will contain pre-stacked test information and which is utilized for testing exercises.

Scope and Levels of Testing


REASON: the motivation behind this test is to ensure basic deformities are evacuated before the following levels of testing can begin.

SCOPE:  First level route, merchant and administrator modules

TESTERS: Testing team.

METHOD: this exploratory testing is done in the application with no test scripts and documentation

TIMING: toward the start of every cycle.

Functional Test

PURPOSE:  Functional testing will be performed to check the elements of use. The functional feeding so as to test is done the info and approves the yield from the application.

Scope: The underneath exceed expectations sheet insights about the extent of Functional test. Note: The degree is abnormal state because of changes in the prerequisite.

TESTERS: Testing Team.

METHOD: The test will be performed by scripts, which are put away in HP ALM.

 TIMING: after Exploratory test is finished.


  1. Approved Functional Specification document, Use case documents must be accessible before begin of Test configuration stage.
  2. Test cases affirmed and closed down before begin of Test execution
  3. Development finished, unit tested with pass status and results shared to Testing group to stay away from copy imperfections
  4. Test environment with application introduced, arranged and prepared to utilize state


User Acceptance Test (UAT)

Reason: this test concentrates on approving the business rationale. It permits the end clients to finish one last audit of the framework preceding organization.

TESTERS: the UAT is performed by the end clients (L1, L2 and L3).

Strategy: Since the business clients are the most demonstrated to give info around business needs and how the framework adjusts to them, it might happen that the clients do some acceptance not contained in the scripts. Test group compose the UAT test cases taking into account the inputs from End client (L1, L2 and L3 clients) and Business Analyst’s.

TIMING: After every single other level of testing (Exploratory and Functional) are finished. When this test is finished the item can be discharged to generation.







Sr. No. Deliverable Name Author Reviewer
1. UAT Test Cases Test Team Business Analyst’s Sign off



Entry and Exit Criteria

  • The section criteria allude to the alluring conditions keeping in mind the end goal to begin test execution; just the relocation of the code and fixes should be evaluated toward the end of every cycle.
  • The way out criteria are the alluring conditions that should be met all together continue with the usage.
  • Section and leave criteria are adaptable benchmarks. On the off chance that they are not met, the test group will evaluate the danger, identify moderation activities and give a proposal. This is info to the project supervisor for a last “go-no go” choice.
  • Passage criteria to begin the execution period of the test: the exercises recorded in the Test Planning segment of the timetable are 100% finished.
  • Passage criteria to begin every cycle: the exercises recorded in the Test Execution segment of the timetable are 100% finished at every cycle. Test Cycles
  • There will be two cycles for functional testing. Every cycle will execute every one of the scripts.
  • The target of the primary cycle is to identify any blocking, basic imperfections, and the vast majority of the high abandons. It is required to utilize some work-around so as to get to every one of the scripts.
  • The goal of the second cycle is to identify staying high and medium imperfections, expel the work-around from the principal cycle, right crevices in the scripts and acquire execution results.
  • UAT test will comprise of one cycle.


  • Private E-Clinic Version’s servers will be facilitated at x organization’s site.
  • Private E-Clinic Version will be facilitated on two servers: one to have the real site and code, and the other to host its database.
  • A Windows Environment with Internet Explorer 8, 9 And 10, and With Firefox 27.0, As Well As Google Chrome 32.0 and Later Should Be Available To Each Tester.


Test Management Tool

  • HP Application Lifecycle Management is the instrument utilized for Test Management. All testing ancient rarities, for example, Test cases, test results are overhauled in the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) apparatus.
  • Project particular envelope structure will be made in HP ALM to deal with the status of this DFRT project.
  • Every asset in the Testing group will be given Read/Write access to include/change Test cases in HP ALM.
  • Amid the Test Design stage, all test cases are composed specifically into HP ALM. Any change to the test case will be specifically redesigned in the HP ALM.
  • Every Tester will specifically get to their individual doled out test cases and redesign the status of each executed stride in HP ALM straightforwardly.
  • Any imperfection experienced will be brought up in HP ALM connecting to the specific Test case/test step.
  • Amid Defect fix testing, deformities are re-doled out back to the tester to confirm the imperfection fix. The tester confirms the deformity fix and redesigns the status straightforwardly in HP ALM.
  • Different reports can be produced from HP ALM to give status of Test execution. For instance, Status report of Test cases executed, Passed, Failed, No. of open imperfections, Severity astute deformities and so on.

Test Design Process

  • The tester will see every necessity and get ready comparing test case to guarantee all prerequisites are secured.
  • Every Test case will be mapped to Use cases to Requirements as a major aspect of Traceability grid.
  • Each of the Test cases will experience survey by the Business Analyst and the audit imperfections are caught and shared to the Test group. The testers will revise on the audit imperfections lastly acquire endorsement and close down.
  • Amid the arrangement stage, tester will utilize the model, use case and functional detail to compose orderly test cases.
  • Testers will keep up an illumination Tracker sheet and same will be imparted intermittently to the Requirements group and as needs be the test case will be upgraded. The illuminations might some of the time lead to Change Requests or not in degree or itemizing understood necessities.
  • Close down for the test cases would be conveys through mail by Business Analyst’s.
  • Any resulting changes to the test case if any will be specifically upgraded in HP ALM.

Test Execution Process

  • Once all Test cases are affirmed and the test environment is prepared for testing, tester will begin an exploratory test of the application to guarantee the application is steady to test.
  • Every Tester is doled out Test cases straightforwardly in HP ALM.
  • Testers to guarantee fundamental access to the testing environment, HP ALM for upgrading test status and raise deformities. In the event that any issues, will be heightened to the Test Lead and thus to the Project Manager as acceleration.
  • In the event that any work of art amid exploratory testing will be heightened to the individual advancement SPOCs for fixes.
  • Every tester performs orderly execution and redesigns the executions status. The tester enters Pass or Fail Status for each of the stride straightforwardly in HP ALM.
  • Tester will set up a Run diagram with day-wise execution points of interest
  • On the off chance that any disappointments, imperfection will be raised according to seriousness rules in HP ALM instrument enumerating ventures to recreate alongside screenshots if proper.
  • Day by day Test execution status and Defect status will be accounted for to all partners.
  • Testing group will take an interest in deformity triage gatherings so as to guarantee all test cases are executed with either pass/fizzle classification.
  • On the off chance that there are any abandons that are not some portion of steps but rather could be outside the test steps, such deserts should be caught in HP ALM and map it against the test case level or at the particular step that issue was experienced in the wake of affirming with Test Lead.
  • This procedure is rehashed until all test cases are executed completely with Pass/Fail status.

Amid the consequent cycle, any deformities fixed connected will be tested and results will be upgraded in HP ALM amid the cycle.

Test Risks and Mitigation Factors

Risk Prob. Impact Mitigation Plan

Testing calendar is tight. In the event that beginning of the testing is deferred because of configuration errands, the test can’t be expanded past the UAT planned begin date.

High High The testing group can control the planning errands (ahead of time) and the early correspondence with included gatherings.


Some support has been added to the timetable for possibilities, despite the fact that not as much as best practices prompt.


Insufficient assets, assets on boarding past the point of no return process takes around many days.


Medium High Occasions and get-away have been evaluated and incorporated with the calendar; deviations from the estimation could determine in postponements in the testing.

Deformities are found at a late phase of the cycle or at a late cycle; imperfections found late are no doubt because of misty particulars and are tedious to determine.



Medium High Deformity management arrangement is set up to guarantee brief correspondence and fixing of issues.

Scope totally characterized

Medium Medium Extension is all around characterized however the progressions are in the functionality are not yet concluded or continue evolving.
Natural tragedies Low Medium Groups and obligations have been spread to two distinctive geographic regions. In a cataclysmic occasion in one of the regions, there will assets in alternate territories expected to proceed (despite the fact that at a slower pace) the testing exercises.
Non-accessibility of Independent Test environment and openness Medium High Because of non-accessibility of the earth, the timetable gets affected and will prompt postponed begin of Test execution.

Postponed Testing Due To new Issues

Medium High Amid testing, there is a decent risk that a few “new” deserts might be distinguished and might turn into an issue that will require significant investment to determine.

There are deformities that can be raised amid testing in light of misty document determination. These imperfections can respect an issue that will require time to be determined.


If these issues get to be gems, it will extraordinarily effect on the general project plan.


If new abandons are found, the deformity management and issue management methods are set up to quickly give a determination.


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