How to Write a Memo on Product for Employees to Encrypt Sensitive Data?

sensitive data encryption

This memo is prepared in response to the request made by your company to recommend a product for employees to encrypt individual sensitive files within company. Encryption is the best approach to accomplish data security. To peruse a scrambled file, you should have admittance to a secret key or watchword that empowers you to decode it. The data in an encoded file is mixed into an unpredictable code that can’t be broken inside of a sensible measure of time by any PC on earth. The key or cipher to open this code is a secret key that is made by whomever encoded the file. Encryption is a successful technique for ensuring your corporate data, similarly bolting the ways to your business is a compelling strategy for forestalling trespassers. The hacking and offering of corporate data can be an exceptionally lucrative prospect for a potential hacker and, accordingly, insurance against hacking is critical. Your organization might be using a firewall, DMZ or a converse proxy, yet even with these things set up you’re still pertinently uncovered on the grounds that each of the three are associated with outer domain, while a file transfer is most certainly not. Amid this day of digital robbery, it’s imperative for associations to take a vital and guarded methodology by ensuring their data in a scenario whether it is in movement or staying still.

Leaving organization data decoded on the organization network is what might as well be called leaving your business’ entryways opened and the greater portion of trade from the week out the register. When hackers discover that your data is decoded, it turns into a simple target. The starting harm identified with a robbery is self-evident, but honestly harm identified with the burglary of crucial organization data, for example, customer records or finance data, could be much more savage than some thousand dollars in harms from a theft.

The recommendations made to us for encryption by your agents were VeraCrypt, BitLocker, and AxCrypt however we have three more proposals and correlation of these items with one another. The least difficult type of encryption for Windows based PCs is BitLocker. BitLocker is incorporated with the simple and ultimate builds of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Once empowered, it will completely scramble your HD/SSD HD without hindering the client. Some free, packaged software and open source are used for the same reason. BitLocker might be the most achievable choice accessible however here is the analysis of few proposed items that you should choose from to use in your organization:

Product Name Vendor Website Encryption Method OS Supported Availability of demo Version Cost
AxCrypt Axantum Software 128-bit Windows OS Yes, 30 Days Demo 2.0 Open Source


Free License


Minor Maintenance Cost

BitLocker MicroSoft Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 128-bit & 256-bit keys Windows OS Yes 1.0 Free

Comes with Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 & Windows Server 2012

VeraCrypt IDRIX AES 256-bit & 128-bit Windows, Mac OSX, Linux,


No 1.17 Free

Apache License 2.0


CryptoForge Ranquel Technologies Blowfish (448-bit key)


Rijndael (256-bit key)


Triple DES (168-bit key)


Gost (256-bit key)

All Windows Versions Yes 5.0.0 $38.70 (Single User)
DekartKeeper Dekart FIPS validated encryption algorithm (AES 256-bit encryption, SHA-512) Window
2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/7
No 4.0 USD 49.00
FileVault 2 Apple Inc. XTS-AES 128 OS X Lion or later No 2.0 Proprietary License
McAfee Drive Encryption (SafeBoot) McAfee, Inc. (Intel Security) Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) and NIST, EEMO Windows/ MacOS Yes 2.4.1 11-25 users: $100.70/user; to 1,001-plus users: $35.25/user


What most separates the items for big business use is general programming administration abilities. For instance, numerous associations buy FDE items despite the fact that they as of now have OS-gave FDE programming on account of difficulties included in dealing with the OS-if FDE. Among the business items, there is not an extraordinary arrangement that really recognizes one from another. It is up to every company to audit the items and figure out which best addresses its own particular issues. By and large this will mean obtaining an item from the same seller that supplies other security items being used inside of the undertaking.


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