Who is developing Real Time auto language translation software

real time Microsoft-Translator
real time Microsoft-Translator

Only those individuals can understand the communication issues with the people from different linguistic background who have friends or people in social circle speaking different tongues. It is really a hurdle for conducting an effective communication. Skype was the pioneer in introducing the translation feature and it has received well deserved appreciation for its effort. But this is not the final solution as in making presentation in front of diverse audience having different mother tongues is a very difficult task. This is a very common issue for many professionals on routine basis.

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in its power point software which would translate the voice of presenter right as he speaks during the presentation. The speech would be live translated into any other language while this feature would be controlled through an iOS, Android or Windows app. Not only the voice but the test of entire presentation can be translated into more than 60 other languages. If the presenter is speaking in Urdu the translation feature would get convert the speech right away into English and it would appear as caption in the slides.

The Microsoft has taken a trial of this new feature with Spanish and Chinese languages. Where the translation occurring for Spanish was fluent and error free, making a complete sense and few issues were there with the Chinese translator as it got stuck a few points. There term AI is fantastic was translated in several attempts. Presently 10 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are translated by this feature.

The idea seems to be in its preliminary stages but appears to be a very impressive overview of intelligent services given by Microsoft in the form of translator. The company is pushing towards the excessive development in the field of Artificial Intelligence that can have a profound impact on performance of an ordinary employee.

The trials of this add on in Power point are being shown at the garage site of company which can be accessed through the given link. However, a questionnaire is required to be filled by the visitor.


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