What is the connection of Wikipedia with guerilla marketing?

Wikipedia with guerilla marketing
Guerilla Marketing

The term “guerilla marketing” was launched by Jay Conrad Levinson. The name is spent in the language to describe unconventional methods marketing. The Wikipedia definition is:

The street marketing is a promotion technique, the unexpected outcome of guerrilla marketing, which extends from simple distribution of printed at the subway exit to a presence within significant events. Now we discuss what the connection of Wikipedia with guerilla marketing is?

It can strengthen social communication, create traffic on a website (using the digitalization of collected data, such as emails or phone numbers) or boost sales.

Street marketing is an unconventional practice used by start-ups (because of its lower cost) as well as by multinationals (because of its possibly precise measurability).

So you are now aware of what street marketing is. Continuing on street marketing can add much to your brand searching for how to get a Wikipedia profile you will discover the interest of street marketing, the different types that exist, the advantages & disadvantages and the legal framework surrounding the practice Yes, but now, this flat description of street marketing does not really give you the keys to get started.

The importance of idea and creativity

Wikipedia with guerilla marketing
Guerilla Marketing Creativity

In this type of marketing campaign, more than in others, differentiating your brand from the consumer is more important than ever. For people in the street to look at you and to consider you, you have to come up with an original idea.

You have to spend money on the preparatory phase to find the right idea. Thinking about the concept, its selection and its creative realization are the most significant investments of a street marketing campaign. To get there, you will need to generate hundreds of ideas, which you will then carefully evaluate to find the right one!

Be ambitious, and want to mark the spirits

It is the unique aspect of guerrilla marketing that is most effective. Your goal is to get the consumer’s attention and to leave a lasting memory. For that, stay fun. Do everything you can to imagine:
• an original approach,
• unexpected,
• Which surprises people!
Ambition does not mean significant investments! It is essential that your operation remains “financially” reasonable: no need to over-invest in a street marketing operation; your returns will not cover your expenses.

Target the right people and bet on them to boost your operation

Start with the customer: what interests them? Or hang out on the net, outside? How do they communicate? If you choose the place of your action, you will be able to reach the right people, those to whom you want to make known.

Do not abuse by making too much promotion for your operation;

• on the contrary, put the package to surprise passersby,
• remove yourself,
• And let people talk, authentic word of mouth remains the best advertisement!

Your promotional manoeuvre will thus benefit from an enormous scope.

The good news is that today it has become legion to share the things that mark us, that entertain our follower. However, do not set vitality as your only goal: do it first and foremost to mark the minds of an audience very precisely

> Ideally, a street marketing operation must collect customer data

If you want to measure the effectiveness of a street marketing operation, there must be, at some point, a collection of information. Whenever possible, invite passers-by to leave their contact information (on the street or the internet) to inflate your commercial database.

How to ensure affordable implementation?

> Be “wild” and save on the purchase of advertising spaces

The application of a guerilla marketing operation must remain inexpensive. The very philosophy of this type of marketing is that it is affordable, within reach of any entrepreneur. Choosing and planning your action/dissemination locations (and the targets you want to reach) is a real necessity. Once this element of the brief has framed, it will run and meet your audience.

Street marketing, inconsistently, is an excellent way to reduce advertising budgets; rather than paying a full page in your local newspaper, you move yourself to shake hands with potential customers for the communication medium is you!

In other circumstances, marketers use the urban environment, which becomes the medium of their promotional message: they stick to alternative posters, trompe l’oeil, stickers, stencilled letters, and so on.

> Have the right street advertising template printed on the Internet for a few €

Big posters, flyers, small and big stickers. The ideas are endless, and that’s why street marketing can take many forms. And the good news is that it is effortless to create & print formats of all sizes (large and small) directly on the Internet.


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