What are Fordyce Spots on Lips?

fordyce spots on lips

Fordyce spots are small and slightly raised yellowish or whitish spots which can be visible at the outer edges of lips, penile shaft in men, or the vulva of women.

Fordyce spots become more prominent when the skin is stretched, for example during an erection in males.

Since lips are an open body part, Fordyce spots on lips can be worrisome aesthetically. There can arise a situation where one might think of these Fordyce spots on lips or other body parts as an STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease like in the case of Herpes or Warts. But in actual it is just a dermatologically odd condition and isn’t infectious in any respect.


How Fordyce Spots damage your Appearance?

Lips are one of the aesthetic facial features of someone that other people notice easily. Your smile tells more about you than anything can and your lips have a major role in giving you a beautiful smile on your face. If something horrible happens to your lips, it can give you some sleepless nights. Fordyce spots can place you in a situation where you can have a negative self-image and may possibly be losing confidence and self-esteem.

Do you want to get rid of Fordyce Spots on Lips?

Let’s discuss some of the attempted and recognized treatments of Fordyce spots on lips, that will help regain your beautiful smile and relieve you of the unwanted Fordyce marks on your lips.

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In ordinary instances, those spots on lips go away with time even in case you don’t treat them. However, in some cases dermatologists may suggest laser surgery if there are too many Fordyce spots on your lips disturbing your appearance drastically. Yes, there are treatments available now that effectively treat Fordyce spots on lips to some extent. You could speak with a qualified dermatologist and he may advise you the most suitable treatment available that can help you to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips.

Harmless Laser Treatment of Fordyce Spots on Lips.

CO2 laser remedy is widely practiced nowadays for getting rid of Fordyce spots on lips. The latest pulsed dye laser technology leaves behind very fewer scars that were not achievable in the past. A distinct wavelength is used in the concentrated photon beam that effectively removes many Fordyce spots.

Repeated sessions may be necessary depending on the amount of individual Fordyce that a patient may have on lips.

Best Fordyce Spots Specialist near me

If you are planning for undergoing a proper treatment regarding your Fordyce spots on your lips, then you must look for the best health practitioner having expertise in cosmetic and skin surgery.

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