Uber testing Driverless cars will launch soon


In Pittsburg, Uber enrolled itself, while introdugin new feature of the well-known robotics program of Carnegie Mellon University and created different secretive facilities with the intention to introduce self-driving cabs, before two years. Today, Uber has made its decision to display what it has done secretively. In the last two days, many tech journalist has been hosted though Uber, whereas offering them the chance to take the wheel, before declaring the new-found self-driven Uber cars within the public sphere.

Raffi Krikorian, Engineering Director was hosted by Uber Company, with the intention to have remarks of Mr. Krikorian about the self-drivring cars of Uber and to know about the ways to avoid accidents and the way through which different seasons can damage the sensor of the Uber self-driving cars and the solid reason to replace the daily fares of 45 million with robotics cars of Uber as well.

The driverless car business is getting crowded. Google, Apple, Lyft, everyone is chasing this technology. You obviously don’t want to be left behind or left at the mercy of someone else’s tech. Is that the reason you’re doing this? What are the benefits to you?

Raffi Krikorian: In reality, driving is one of the hardest thing to do and, for this reason almost million people die within car accidents every year. 90% among those who die within car accidents are die not because of machine fault, but because of human mistake. Through the autonomous nature of new-found Uber self-driving cars we can think about new safety measures and improved plans for congestions and the better way to more people around as well.

What technological or physical challenges have you faced in your home turf of Pittsburgh?

Pittsburg, in reality, is one of the old cities in the world and, for this reason, the old infrastructure of this city is not feasible for the secure driving. Different roads and their connecting angels are also not right and driving in Pittsburg directly implies the fact that we can drive anywhere in the world.

Uber has launched Trucking Service business too

Have you ever commuted in one of these self-driving cars?

I use to take car every day to approach my office. Through my travel, most often I gained the chance to observe the modern mapping that has been done and the modern codes the group has functioned on. In this regard, having a road trip through a self-driven car is a different experience, but entertaining and appeals the attention about the way through which car itself take you to your desired destination without any kind of trouble.

How do your driverless cars work?

Laser scanner is placed on the head of the car and through this lens the distance from other things around is detected. Using the information provided through the lens, is the way to get access to three-dimensional directions as well as to localize the vehicle also. There are also some kind of encoders are working within the car that help car to show distance the car has moved through. This is done through better form of computer powers as well as wireless networks and machine learning as well, required to be done by Uber.

What are some of the toughest challenges for automated driving?

The toughest challenge for the automated driving is the process of perception. No doubt, automated driving is able to detect any kind of object near the car’s specified distance, but not about the natural and accidental changes that occur on roads. Secondly, another challenge for automated driving is prediction, such as what the automated driving car would like to do if a car is still in front without any kind of motion or indicator.

How do you solve those problems?

These problems can be solved as we have different maps for the area with prefect locations about different things, especially when it comes about the traffic of an area. So, there existing a machine learning issue that can be solved by classifying different objects through the use of different classifiers within the car and the way through which a car can predict about an object and its nature of motion like a motion of a bicycle.

What happens when the first driverless Uber accident occurs?

No doubt, at first instant, the most important thing is to confirm the safety of others. For doing so, the best way is to learn directly from different happenings. In this regard, there is a need to observe different crazy things occur on roads thorough which we will be able to guide our cars to run within such situations, while observing the situations to have a fine solution.

So how long until driverless is the default Uber experience?

For default Uber experience, there things are required to be noticed. First of all, technological potential of cars so that all type of technological means can be used within different situations. Second is the regulatory aspects over which the way through which different situations occur will be observed. Finally the societal spur with the intention to know about people and their interest to use car with no drivers and their average.



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