Uber has launched Trucking Service business too

uber truck service
uber trucking service

Uber is now officially in the trucking business too

Some companies introduced themselves as “Uber for Trucking” in the recent past but now Uber has started its own trucking business. The company has invested the sum of $69 billion recently to enter into Uber Freight. This idea is going to revolutionize the trucking industry as well because the drivers will be able to find loads easily and get paid quickly. The volume of trucking industry is around $700 billion and the startups like Uber have more chances of getting success.

The company is also working on self-autonomous technologies which will be installed in the traditional trucks. The CEO of the company says that this project is like re-inventing a whole new industry. Uber has also invested in a number of other industries and the company has invested significantly in the trucking business as well.

Uber enters into new exciting market


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