Uber enters into new exciting market

uber pakistan
uber pakistan

Technology has the potential growth in a market. On the other side, the Uber also have the chief rivals in the country of the south Asia. The rivals also enter in the capital Yangon in March with the beta launch. The arrival of the Uber is in the country is become the attention of the every person.  The national government also gives support to him. According to the Reuters reports, But the services is only provide to the licensed drivers. The company is using the same model like grab. The changing approach has purpose behind it. It has been also operating in an Asia for last four years. Uber is evolving the way world’s moves. It seamlessly connect riders to the drivers through the use of the apps. The Uber service provider sits in a grey area. But the unlicensed drivers are not able to use this services. The authorities can take as an advantage to advance its digitization. It is a sign of a threat to the existing drivers.

why Uber is investing more US$500 millions in pakistan

The Chief Minister of the Yangon region personally welcome the Uber. It is stated in a statement. The president gives the opinion, the use of the Uber will help to become an ideal marketplace in Southeast Asia. It provides the safety and help to improve to provide the services of the people and international tourists. The US ambassador Scot Marcie also added the words that Uber provides helps to improve urban mobility. It improves the relationships between the countries. The Myanmar is the 57th country where US provides the ride3 sharing services. The market has most the intriguing country. The place of the market is just an intriguing place. In Myanmar, the internet was barely accessible. Before the country democratization in 2011, the cell phones and sim cards are beyond almost all the residents. At the present time, Myanmar has registered 50 million Sim cards. The estimated is taken 10-15 million Facebooks users. The country has advanced straight to the world of smartphones and data. David Madden has worked in a lab of the Phandeeyar. It is an innovation lab in Yangon’s.  The lab is also controlled and backed by Omidyar network. These words are said by the TechCrunch. The international technology company must familiar with this opportunity. Uber is also introducing its services like Uberx. It make enable anyone to become a driver with a car. The move will test the relationship with the government. It seems to look the pillar of the expansion.


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