Types of Filters You Can Install At Your Place

Types of Filters

Getting pure and safe water for consumption has become quite severe due to growing pollution. The rapid growth in population, increase in several industries and impacts of environmental degradation are all causes for this unavailability of clean drinking water.

Due to the situation of unclean water all around, it has become essential to incorporate purification measures. Proper purification techniques have used so that you can get the best quality water for drinking.

The people should know about the water purifiers and Aquafresh Service centre which they can seek to ensure getting fresh water for consuming. Water contains several minerals which are essential for our body. However, if you consume too much of it, it can lead to many serious diseases.

So, proper water pressure is must be used to provide you with the correct type of water. Majority purifiers can remove the unwanted salts, microbes, and suspended particulate matter (SPM).

Apart from removal, it keeps back the essential minerals and vitamins which are present in the water. The industry of water purifiers has many manufacturers working together in the competitive market.

Due to a large number of manufacturers, it becomes quite severe for the people to decide the correct purifier type. Choosing the purifiers requires a close analysis of the standards which it is meeting while providing the clean water.

Nearly all types of water filters and purifiers make use of the same working principle. They take in the contaminated water, cleans up the impurities. The process of cleaning the water can have classified into three necessary steps. Firstly, the water is flushed from the sediments which are present in the water.

Next, the microorganisms have removed by making use of a disinfectant. Finally, the purifier removes the excess salts and minerals, retaining the essential minerals and vitamins. After these steps, the clean water has then dispensed for consumption.

If we come to the point of differentiating filters from purifiers, there is one significant point which draws a fine line between these two. The purifiers can remove the microbes, virus, and bacteria while the filters are unable to remove those agents.

There are a few purifiers which make use of chemicals or electro-static charge so that you can kill the harmful viruses.

Traditionally, for purification of water, chlorine was added to sea as a disinfectant. When chlorine is added on to water, it reacts to release hydrochloric acid. This hydrochloric acid reacts with the microorganisms and kills them.

However, it had later found that using chlorine brings along several negative impacts. Apart from that, chlorine Is not strong enough to kill a few kinds of protozoa. So, slowly with the advancement in technology, the technique of using chlorine lost its importance with more better technology coming into life.

When you are going to buy a water purifier for your home, you should know that each type of water purifier comes along with a water filter. Generally, six kinds of water filters are available in the purifiers these days. They are:

• Filter with Active Carbon

The active carbon filter has used for purification of the gases which are soluble in water. This list includes gases like the chlorine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen and other organic materials like the algae, dry leaves, and other dead decay substances which generally gets washed into water bodies. Carbon is Amin agent who has employed for the cleaning process. Due to its porous nature, charcoal can absorb the pollutants which are present in the water. The water purifiers which have the carbon filter comes with a lining of activated silver. Carbon, paired with silver turns up stronger, which even kills the bacteria and other pathogens present in water.

• Filter with Biosand

This filter comprises of a box made up of either concrete or plastic. This box filled with several layers of sand and gravel for removing the micro-organisms which are harmful to the human body and the dependable agents which re found suspended in water.

The water has poured through these layers. The harmful organisms stay back in the top layer of the sand. This layer, called the biolayer, has some good bacteria and micro-organisms in it. These organisms eat the pathogens present in their water, thus improving its quality.

• Filter with Reserve Osmosis

If you talk with the Aquafresh RO service centre department, they would tell you about the entire working of these filters. In this system, the filtration takes place in multiple stages. Starting from a combination of active carbon to particle filtration, RO makes use of all the processes.

The procedure of cleaning the water begins with making the tap water pass through a polymer membrane. This membrane has small pores which remove the excess minerals and the micro-organisms present in the water.
Next, the impurities which are collected are flushed ours with the help of an outlet.

The water purifier with an RO filter helps in improving the taste of the water. However, the purity, if the water obtained, cannot be guaranteed because, in some cases, due to holes in the membrane, the filtration process may not be a hundred per cent efficient. In such cases, the bacteria gets into the water through the membrane of the filter.

You can get hold of the Aquafresh service Number and can talk with them regarding these filters. The experts recommend the use of RO filters in the areas where the water has a high content of minerals which are unimportant or unhealthy (if taken in excess) for the human body.

Moreover, for better functioning, an RO filter requires a continuous supply of water, and it can be fixed only to one tap at a time.

These were the basic types of filters which are commonly available in the market. Well, apart from the above mentioned, there are UV filter, ceramic filters, and filters which use exchange techniques for purification of the water. You can quickly call up Aquafresh Service Center and know about the types of filters which you can get installed at your place for getting a hundred per cent safe, clean and pure water for consumption.


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