Top Highly paid tech companies to their internees

Hire me office desk
Hire me office desk

Within this month of May, most of the tech companies stop hiring internees. This year, about the hiring session, Glass-door has observed its data about salary, showing the fact that the company pay highest to its internees in 2017. In this regard, different tech companies and their salary data have been observed from the list. Among all other big tech companies, Face Book is paying highest average salary about $ 8000 to its internees monthly and $96000 per year on its internees. The category of startups is missing within the list of Glass-Door. In tech industry, companies such as Snap and Drop-box are paying high amount of salaries. The data collected by Glass-Door shows that these companies are offering highest monthly pay about $9000 monthly and $108000 yearly.

One thing that is significant to note within the data collected by Glass-Door about tech companies, is that all interns have gained almost equal pay. Most of the companies are paying their internees according to their ease, but Face-Book is paying to PHD students who work for Face-Book as internees. From this fact, it would not be wrong to say that Face-Book is paying their highly qualified internees more than other tech companies, hiring internees with graduate degrees.

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In addition, major tech companies are situated in cities where the expenses of living are high such as companies in New York and in San Francisco. However, in some tech companies, internees gain support over their living through their companies as part of their internship agreement with the company, offering values to the summer reward of internees.



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