Top 10 Worst Car Companies of 2017 in the world


Top 10 Worst Car Companies of 2017 in the world: Below are the list of Top 10 Worst Car Companies of 2017 in the world

9. Ford


It can be called garbage. This company has been making the excellent trucks over the years I bought the trucks which have reached to 25,000 miles since 1999 to until now. This is the same experience with my father’s truck as well has bought another model and other than the common maintenance it is just giving the excellent performance, and it is going very well. Its vehicles are like junk from a few years.

My family does not like these vehicles as they are making the very complicated things for the people which are not even required and making very difficult for the common people to run and to operate. They are not providing the good quality. This quality is not affordable in the name of the American Ford. This is one of their tactics that they are making worst vehicles so that people get it break soon and they go for buying another new one. This new one is their model of showing that they are a scam artist.

8. Tata


I can swear on this that people do not like it anymore. They hate it. They will hate Tata because one of their Car name nano. This may cost less to the people but look at it. It’s not working up to the mark. But look at the other things they have. They have Jaguar and Landrover. This is the thing they are making good it can be replaced so, overall good. It is the stupid car ever their 2013 models looks like 2008 model. Its looks are not good it looks outdated and cheap overall in their Car.

This is one of the weirdest cars I have ever seen. This is the Indian company they are making the engines, but of the second class they are not selling the Cars, rather they are scamming the people the quality of the vehicles is not good they are not up to the mark in the market. It has been pathetic to have their car and to make the mark on that Car. I can say it is a disgrace to the humanity to have this Car.

7. Fiat


They have destroyed the Chrysler. They have ruined most of the jeep and the Carwith the charging. In addition to that their part or piece is 93 rare vipers. It is ugly, most of the disgusting cars are found to have belonged to the fiat. They are not up to the mark. They are making outdated cars their cars are old and orthodox. According to me, they should stop this shit against the grace of the cars.

They are trying to take 50 % of Ferrari. Now they are tired of having this. It is at the number 20 what could be the reason? It is at least making Mustang. Why so? Are they considering it that for is that bad? The Walmart brand is mini coopers. I am not even sure about the trip from the home to store will go smooth without the problem or not! I am not sure about the Fiat’s performance.

6. Audi


Man up Audi is a good car. If you are sucking two, then Audi is best. These sound boring to me. My Audi is called to be garage monster. It is most of other time in the garage than in the traffic as its problems are not being fixed. Every next day it is running some problems. In spite of the fact that it was A4 from 2012 and this is the which is the most terrible which I have owned till yet other are far better.

I cannot believe on this that the Audi cars suck, you noob.  I may call the Audi as the legendary awful. Appalling ride, it is overpriced, bulky, un-engaging, sinfully boring, and uncommunicative. It’s starting, and handles are slow, ratty, and under finned. These are the facts and the pathetic features I hate most.

5. Toyota


Oh gosh, people, you need to educate yourself, if you are going to say that the Toyota is a bad company and making the bad cars. These are the cars which should not be even on this list. They may not be very good in their appearances, but they are manufacturing very good quality cars. They are the superb car manufacturing company. It is providing the lowest cost of the ownership in comparison to the other cars.

It has high resale value and probability. Its reliability is very as compared to the other cars. It has the high rating. Its engines are made up of complete aluminum. It is fully synthetic. What is on top of this that it needs the oil change after 10,000 miles.

4. Dodge


I agree that the old models and the cars like molars had the pretty fine quality and durability. But I have found the biggest enemy of molars is rust. They are getting rusted very badly. The duster’s fit and the other finishing of the vehicle is not good. I had such issues again and again, and I finally ended up with selling this vehicle.

My family is big as parents and four kids as well including the grandmother and dog too. We got the old piece of the car and busted it enough with everything required. But it did not go well as the back doors get broken, there is not an air conditioner in it, and the overall condition gets pathetic. It’s true that most of the things are due to our carelessness bit overall it has not done the very good job too.

4. Smart


There are some Mercedes-Benz smart cars. These cars are found to be very ugly as they are too slow and small. I did not buy this car, and as I have seen its performance, I have never even planned to buy this in future as well.  According to me, it is rip off the Mini Cooper and Mercedes I have experienced. These are glorified golf cars it is good there in the club, but I hate to take them on the road. I considered it as poorly designed and dumped of thought having those designs.

3. Daihatsu


The Mira Gino I consider a mini rip off. Daihatsu is not as such very bad. It is bad as it is stupid and slow. The box on the wheel is also not working as well as it supposed to be. I have Daihatsu car it is good enough for my use but what are the common opinions about this is right according to me as well. It is the general opinion that it worked well for the beginners and the people have low salaries.

2. Chrysler


It should be the no one worst cars. I don’t know anyone who just owns the car and has the good comments about it. Every time if you see any car have broken up on the highway, you can easily have the guess that it is for sure is Chrysler, a Dodge or the jeep. Even the people who are driving it are not very bright. Every single thing including the retailers, dealers and the other things belongs to the company are pathetic. What a lousy company that is. Oh, Chrysler, this is not the luxury car at all!! Except the one Pacifica 2017.

Top 10 companies control everything you buy

  1. Volkswagen

I am a used car’s dealer and deals with the 5 to 10 years old cars. I also deal with the Volkswagen. It is among the most problematic cars and expensive to get the reappearance of these cars. The electric system of this car is terrible. It has poor gas kits and other parts. They are I found to be at par with jargon. Japanese parts are giving the edge at this point, but they are very expensive and cannot be afforded at least for the cars which are already old.

The reason of Honda’s price which is ten years old is higher than the one of Mercedes is that the reliability and the durability of the two cars. The parts are available on the ease and at the reasonable price to all the customers. It is made to look attractive, and it is fast as well as available at the affordable rates. It makes its break down in a short period. Their enemy is their Nazi cars. This should be at the top of the worst car’s list due to its breakdown.


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