Ten things in tech you have to know today

In the future trains could be fitted with Amazon's drone maintenance stations.
In the future trains could be fitted with Amazon's drone maintenance stations.

Ten things in tech you have to know today Hello! Here’s the innovation news you have to know at the beginning of today.


  1. In the future trains could be fitted with Amazon’s drone maintenance stations.

    A senior architect at Google composed a declaration against assorted variety and representatives are incensed.

    The statement reprimands organization activities went for expanding sex and mixed racialmixture and contends that Google ought to rather concentrate on “ideological decent range.”

  2. Apple will purportedly discharge an Apple Watch with its particular web Association before the year’s over.

    The new Apple Watch could likewise get an update.

  3. Amazon is contemplating building portable automation stations on trains, vans, and pontoons.

    Another patent documenting by the organization plots an approach to fit mobileautomation support stations on trains and older

  4. Apple’s months-long AirPod lack is at last beginning to end.

    It expanded creation limit with regards to the AirPods and the hold-up time is going down.

  5. Travis Kalanick has procured an admonitory firm to settle his picture.

    The organization, Teneo, affirmed that the previous Uber CEO had employed it.

  6. Apple is apparently asserting 33% of Samsung’s present OLED show creation for the iPhone 8.

    Machines will work with a 60% yield and produce around 79 million presentations for Apple to make iPhone 8s with.

  7. Google needs to utilize human-made brainpower to cover up slamming Android applications on the Play Store.

    Applications that are found to crash a considerable measure will be downranked in graphs.

  8. Amazon relisted Blu cell phones on its site after a “false caution.”

    It initially suspended offers of the gadgets in light of worries that the telephones gathered client information.

  9. A puzzling driverless minivan was spotted driving around the DC territory.

    There were no people in the front seats.

  10. It would appear that Spotify is finally going to the Xbox.

    Holes uncovered what the application would


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