Starbucks World’s Biggest Coffee Chain Adds Microsoft CEO to its Boards of Directors


​Starbucks has long had an affection for innovation in its coffee shops, and it’s currently mirroring that reasoning in its executives. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has recently joined the Starbucks board, giving the eatery chain a major voice from the innovation business. While it’s not clear exactly what got Nadella on to the board, he doesn’t mince words about his potential commitment he trusts his “times of involvement” in tech will assume an essential role.

Strikingly, Nadella hasn’t rushed to join other organizations’ boards. His exclusive other major board membership is at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, which he participated in 2016.

Exactly how this will impact Starbucks’ methodology isn’t clear. Nadella is a board part, not an official, so he won’t be straightforwardly giving orders. Be that as it may, board memberships have a propensity for affecting what organizations do Apple’s Tim Cook has been on Nike’s board since 2005, recall. While you most likely aren’t going to arrange a grande latte with your HoloLens at any point in the near future, it won’t amaze if Nadella pokes Starbucks toward more broad employments of tech.


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