Snapchat new eraser technique allow you ‘Photoshop’ stuff out of photos



Snapchat was trying to copy the Instagram which is also staying on the single step through its competitor. A slew of creative new tools is launched today by Snapchat. In which the various Instagram mimic features, which includes the option for removing the time of 10 seconds which are limited to photos viewing which still closed to disappear. But the new option of snap chat erases the user to let original world functions about photos shows pioneering still the communication format of visual.

By adding more tool of snap chat which is now organizing all of them for right down all right sides of the screen of access easy. There is some breakdown of each new creative feature of snap chat.

Limitless of snaps: select the infinity of new icon in the photo of snap according to time so friends look at that photos which can disappear through pictures. Direct texts, Ephemeral stories are limitedly allowed through Instagram.


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Videos through looping:

By tap on the icon of looping on the right side of which can be used for making videos. This function is also used for making short videos like GIF, photos via address.  In a nutshell, by using this feature, you can highlight all the moments of like which you want to save in your Instagram.


Emoji Drawing:

By using the drawing brush, you can make emoji. On the side of the creative tool, you can select any brush or pencil instead of any pen color tip. After drawing emoji, you would also watch the trial of that experiment. With the drawing of emoji, this takes out of pain by sticking that on one by one. Instagram was trying to making something same which are previous in December by its brush of candy cane holiday. But now offer only some markers, neon brushes and highlighters which are traditional.

Magic Eraser:

Now you have an option of adding and removing objects from your snap chat. For covering their null spot, you can also blur their surroundings. Only select icon of magic eraser paint that part of an object which you want to remove and picture automatically extracts from Photoshop.

The question arising is that how much long for Instagram offers for removing or adding emoji in your photoshoot. So according to new surveys and studies which are collected by TechCrunch represent that existing user of snap chat stay loyal with launch stories of Instagram. But cloning snap chat of Instagrams keeps the great feature and enroll them in out of older and international audience. So the growth of snap prospects should be blocked.  This innovation does not count as a massive scale of the social graph, but it can access to provide the modest new tools for creativeness.

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