Serene Air’s Brand New $80 Million Aircraft Heavily Damaged by an Airport Vehicle


Pakistan’s most current aircraft, Serene Air, which propelled with much buildup and exhibition has hit a bit of serious wall. Then again in this specific case, an errant airplane terminal vehicle.

As should be obvious from the pictures underneath, the organization’s fresh out of the plastic new Boeing Jet B737-800 was slammed by an airplane terminal vehicle in a mischance, putting it down and out. Starting reports recommend that the vehicle was worked by the Islamabad Ground Crew (Royal Airport Services).

It is still too early to evaluate the genuine degree of the damage or whether it’s quite recently less demanding to repair or genuine mechanical damage.

Just to urge you the size of this chaos up, the fly costs upwards of $80 million and made its lady flight approximately one week back. Individuals have acknowledged Serene Air’s administrations and quality so we truly trust that the damage isn’t excessively serious.

Here are a few pictures of the plane and the mishap.


serene, air, accident

SereneAir, Accident




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