See which new technology of touch screen will change the world.


The researcher at Carnegie University has made the new contribution to the side of the technology. The people has created the new way to change turn into every technology into the touch system. The surface of the touchpad come with the conductive spray paint. The system is called an Electric. The technique i9s used by the “electric field tomography”. The technology is created by the Ph.D. student Yang Zhang. The small electrodes are attached to the surface of the paint. It can turn the touch sensitive surface into a wood, plastic drywall and Jell play dog. They are successful added to the touch sensitivity. The touch system positional control is also used for toys, guitars and walls.

For the first time, the people can take a can of spray and put a touch screen on almost everything in a can. This statement is given by the assistant professor in the human interaction computer institute. Chris Harrison. Electric relies on the shunting effect like the many touch screen. When the user use a finger to touches the touchpad. There is a spark of the electric current on the ground. It multiply the attaching elecrodes travels into the objects or in its conductive coating. They did it by using the electric field tomography. The small amount of the currents run through the electrodes in a form of a pair. There is nothing in the voltage differences.

The creator’s tools have the interactive walls. The interactive smartphone walls can make the sense of the sense of position of a finger. The finger is turned on the back surface and make the interaction with the apps on the phone. The user can also add the protective coating of the paint. The protecting coating is add to keep it from chipping off. The new technology brings revolution to use new android phones.


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