How to secure your mobile from hacking

secure mobile
secure mobile

There has been a revival in protesting and activism, within last few years and the existence of new president refers to the fact that protesting have become ordinary in today’s world. Within the process of protect to explain about your thoughts, it is necessary to aware of your basic rights and privileges, but it is also necessary to keep an eye on your phone for its safety from being theft by others.

The Bad News:

Federal and local law enforcement have been using debatable tools named as Stingrays. Through the support of such tools, one can have the necessary facts and figures, without connecting to a mobile tower. Through such devices officials track required facts and figures of your mobile phone and can follow each and every movement you make.

Interrupting massages of massive amount of individuals is workable, although it is not as easy as it appears. When a government officer track the information of someone’s phone within the process of a protest, then the major goal of the officer is to keep the record about the person or group of persons involved within a protest for some future study.

However, within this modern world of affair, in its place of tracking mobiles of individuals while using different technological tools, it is easier to approach individuals through their social media contacts such as Twitter or Face-Book.

Interestingly, stingrays and many other devices like this are able to block the cell phone’s services of one and more than one individual, within a certain region. In reality, in some situations, this occurs with the intention to connect phones with less secure services like 2G forcefully, although the major purpose to use such devices is to limit people from conversation, most of the time.

Through the Wi-Fi mobile phones automatically link with a friendly network. However, on the other side, devices like stingrays are complicated devices, as Wi-Fi-based devices are easy to connect to a secure means of network, and devices like stingrays are used to deceive Wi-Fi connected devices.

Most of the intelligence work are done over the use of the technique to deceive Wi-Fi based devices, but the illegal use of such devices have paved the way for dangerous criminals to approach their targets at ease. For this reason, I would like to warm you to kindly turn off you’re the routers of your Wi-Fi connection with the intention to deceive those criminals and to limit their criminal activities.

Tools of the Trade:

Although, the devices and other means of the shadowing state and those with criminal nature are numerous, but there is a modest technique to deal with them; just turn off visibility of your mobile phone. In reality, the process through which mobile phones link and send their signals to satellites is linked with their visibility of the signals of earthly antennas. In this regard, in many major events, most of the devices that are used for the certain purpose, especially to locate positions, are wireless, as in such events signals often jammed such as evident within the inauguration of President Obama in 2009.

However, the first way to be in safe contact is to keep away from being looked by others. However, if you have decided to go out for a march, always turn off your mobile phone and make arrangements for that earlier. For instance, just make prints of those locations where you want to march in its place of bringing your mobile phone with yourself, at your own risk.

Not only this, you should also secure your mobile even if you turn off your mobile. For doing so, make some safety measures such as passwords, fingerprints passcodes, and other ways to lock your phone. This is due to the fact that during the protest, the major risk for your mobile is theft and, to prevent from being theft use different features of your mobile with the intention to make significant safety measures to secure your phone.

Most of the time, whenever I tried to reveal about the fact that the best way to secure your mobile at first instant is to turn off the mobile, people get it wrong and become disappointed. It is true, when your mobile is off no one can locate your position, no one even see you by any means and not even catch you through some kind of activities that you might perform on your perform in a hurry mood. Therefore, the most significant way to secure your mobile is to cut the way of your mobile communication and to protect the phone to transmit any kind of signal from it as well.

In reality, different services available to you on your mobile such as massages have use some kind of signal technology and for this reason, instead of using local massages services use secure means such as secret conversation mode of Face-Book Messenger and Whats-App, as they offer you best security over your communication than any other local or fake communication modes.

In this regard, I highly recommend you to use end-to-end encryption offered through IPhone, as it confirms complete security of your mobile’s activity even approached by any outsider, but will not visible and, for this reason, within the last few years no technology has made such progress and efficient work for mobile users, but IPhone, as FBI and other intelligence officials have claimed about the fact that security system of IPhone is complicated and not easy to approach by any means possible.

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Moreover, it would be fine to use best VPN services, especially within the situation where you have to necessarily involve in a protest or plan to go with a march. Using VPN service offers you the chance to have secure means of communication, while using your location as a way to secure you from outsiders. In this regard, of you are going to use and follow my recommended suggestions then excellent! Through this step you are not only making your safety confirm, but also limiting the power of others to approach you by any means, as the idea to think as safe is worst, especially in some certain situations. Therefore, make confirm about your safety and privacy is the right way to involve within a protest, especially.



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