Review of Politics, Society, War and Music: Song ‘One of the Guys’ by Jenny Lewis

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‘One of the Guys’ by Jenny Lewis


A truly interesting aspect concerning music is that in fact in an extremely exacting manner it doesn’t exist. A depiction, a model or a photo can physically exist, while music is simply air hitting the eardrum in a marginally extraordinary manner than it would arbitrarily. In the event that you were a space outsider attempting to characterize music-you would characterize it as people controlling the path in which air particles hit somebody’s eardrum.

By one means or another that air-which has no substance at all when moved and when made to hit the eardrum in small inconspicuous ways-can make individuals move, cry, engage in sexual relations, move crosswise over nation, go to war and few go to extremes even after that. It’s surprising that something so unobtrusive can illegal significant passionate responses in individuals (Mary Chang).

Basic understanding of Music:

Everyone believes that human condition is simply puzzling to understand. We are alive for a couple of decades in a universe that is 15 billion years of age and inconceivable past our envisioning. We characterize ourselves as having a settled age of 30 or 40 years when in all actuality at a quantum level there is no a portion of you that is under 15 billion years of age, (Anthony Seeger)

Music gives us an interesting self-created festivity of the human condition notwithstanding a universe that is antiquated and tremendous outside our ability to comprehend.

Music is one of only a handful couple of things we, as people, are any great at. In the event that you take a gander at the historical backdrop of music-route back-you will discover things like the Balinese monkey serenades. It begins as a group of monkeys yammering in a backwoods, and transforms into a serenade. In the event that you go to any rave, or any football occasion, you will discover individuals droning in a cadence people do that. We have this sense to take an interest and arrange this is music at its most unrefined frame. We then go to something more eminent like the second development of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto you can’t neglect to be moved by it (Vikas Shah).

Music gives you a chance to rediscover your mankind, and your association with humankind. When you listen to Mozart with other individuals, you feel that by one means or another we’re all in this together. This is, I assume, what incredible verse takes a stab at.

For me, music is the dialect, which permits us to express feeling. We each have feeling within us that we have to get out, and ones we have to encounter; and regularly words are insufficient (Anthony Seeger).

Role, Value and Function of Music:

The dreary, organized, regularly hit the dance floor with hints of music are found in practically every general public – alongside dialect. There is something profoundly human about music, however profoundly social about it also, for – like dialects – there are numerous types of music. Dissimilar to dialect, be that as it may, music does not require “understanding.” People might be moved by music of people groups whose dialect makes no difference to them, and a similar musical execution may mean distinctive things to various individuals (Mary Chang).

The song basically interprets how girls grow up in comparison to boys and how different they get from one another this way.


Many of us live and work in complex country states. Also, the most jeopardized people groups and societies are not really those in far off woods – they are frequently expansive minority assembles inside countries that all of a sudden eject into common war or oppression. Music is one of the ways that groups set up themselves and attempt to survive; music is additionally one of the instruments other individuals may use to attempt to command them. Whatever is occurring, music is regularly genuine and also excellent, pressing and extraordinary.


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