What are the Ethics and Decision Making in a Work Environment?

decision making
Discuss a situation where decision maker(s) makes most ethical/socially responsible decision regarding that situation. You can interview a manager, or read a story on Internet or other publications.


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It is a story around a social worker who is employed by a group emotional well-being focus where she gives clinical administrations to individuals with ceaseless dysfunctional behavior. Two days prior, one of her customers, Alice M. has committed suicide. As per the social worker, Alice battled for a long time with melancholy and cocaine habit. Promptly taking after the suicide, Alice’s guardians; who had taken an interest in her treatment at different times in the setting of family directing reached the social worker to examine this heartbreaking unforeseen development.

At the end of the discussion, Alice’s guardians told the social worker that they needed to ask an uncommon support. They clarified that the social worker was a vital individual in their family’s life and that it would mean a great deal to them if the social worker would convey a eulogy at their little girl’s memorial service. The social worker immediately perceived the ethical dilemma confronting her.

She was particularly worried about damaging Alice’s privacy and confidentiality. The social worker was likewise worried about dealing with the limits in her association with the family; she needed to abstain from going into an unseemly “double relationship.” The social worker was profoundly undecided and uncertain about how to determine this ethical dilemma a situation in which expert values, duties, and commitments conflict.

Albeit numerous specialists finished their formal training during an era when substance on ethical dilemmas and ethical choice making was not an unmistakable part in the social work instruction educational modules, proceeding with training on the subject is currently regular. Today’s social workers and social work understudies are being acquainted with best in class structures to offer them some assistance with identifying ethical dilemmas and make troublesome choices.

For this situation, those well on the way to be quickly influenced incorporate the expired customer as for her pride and right to privacy and confidentiality, the perished customer’s guardians, and the social worker. Likewise, the social worker’s associates at the group emotional well-being focus where she is utilized and the social work calling itself could be influenced. That is, the social worker’s activities may be seen by people in general as an augmentation of the office or the social work calling and their individual arrangements and measures.


Put basically, the social worker can consent to convey the eulogy or reject the folks’ solicitation. Between these stark choices are more unpretentious conceivable outcomes that incorporate going to yet not talking at the memorial service and talking at the burial service without uncovering to participants any information concerning the way of the social worker’s relationship with the late client.

On the off chance that the social worker conveys the eulogy, she may give solace to the perished customer’s guardians and other people who go to the burial service. The social worker, as well, may increase some comfort simultaneously. Then again, conveying the commendation may bargain the expired customer’s privacy and confidentiality.

Further, the individuals who go to the burial service may feel uncomfortable listening to the social worker’s remarks, especially if the social worker unveils the way of her relationship with the perished. In the event that the social worker decreases, the expired customer’s guardians may be furious and hurt and may endure inwardly. Additionally, the social worker may feel a few hesitations accordingly, particularly if the social worker’s relationship with the folks gets to be strained.

Any social worker who faces troublesome, complex ethical choices ought to try to counsel with educated partners and ethics specialists. Notwithstanding offering discussion, numerous ethics boards of trustees patron in-administration preparing and encourage the improvement of offices’ ethics-related rules and strategies.

In a few settings for the most part medicinal services offices, for example, showing doctor’s facilities and restoration offices proficient ethicists may be accessible for conference. Regularly, ethics consultants are human administrations experts who have gotten propelled preparing in ethics or moral philosophers who have ended up learned about expert practice.

As of late, social work understudies and experts have been acquainted with the basics of ethical hypothesis grounded in moral rationality as an instrument in the examination of ethical dilemmas. Quickly, excellent ethical hypothesis includes different schools of thought concerning what constitutes morally good and bad activity notwithstanding ethical dilemmas.

The social worker for this situation should likewise be aware of legitimate issues. State laws and licensure regulations frequently address customers’ privacy and confidentiality rights, educated assent necessities, and double relationship issues. .

Once the choice is made, social workers ought to report the procedure deliberately. Not just is this demonstration reliable with sound social work practice and documentation norms, additionally cautious documentation can secure social workers in the far-fetched occasion that ethics grumblings or claims are recorded against them. Exhaustive notes depicting the social worker’s choice making steps and reason give convincing proof of the expert’s reasonability and demonstrable skill.


What may have all the earmarks of being a definite choice is not the end of the ethical choice making procedure; Once the choice is made, the social worker ought to stay informed concerning both quick and more removed outcomes and react to them scrupulously. For instance, if the social worker for this situation chooses to go to yet not talk at the customer’s funeral, the social worker ought to screen the folks’ responses to guarantee that there are no untoward or unsafe clinical repercussions.

Ethical choice making is a mind boggling procedure. Today’s social workers are adapting much about the way of ethical dilemmas and steady choice making techniques. There is no certification, obviously, that even the clearest set of choice making rules will yield basic answers for complex ethical issues. No arrangement of rules can create such results.

In the final analysis, even the most insightful and sensible experts may differ about the most ethical strategy. In this appreciation, ethical choices are the same as mind boggling clinical or other social work choices. Reasonable structures are valuable and aide professionals’ choices; on the other hand, they don’t promise obvious arrangements or collegial accord. What they guarantee is precise, intensive examination and reflection vital components of able practice.


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