How a Personality can be Affected by Social Media?

Social networking Websites like Twitter & Facebook that allows you to find and connect with almost anyone, from anywhere in the world. You can even find your class-mate whom you played with 30 years ago. Browsing such Social Websites can make you feel connected to a larger community, but such easy access to communicate and expressing Ideas posses some effects which can bring vast change in personality of anyone.

Someone’s personality is distinct personal character of his own. The person may poses serious, rude, precise, sensible, bossy, warm or friendly Personality and He/She may have great scene of Humor with other professional and personal qualities. Definitely there are many other factors which influences and makes up Personality among those factors the most important one is that How and what kind of different people he/she has been in contact with since many years? Social Media Interactions also plays an important part in the development of personality which can be briefly understood by reading the story of Flavia Thomas”

Flavia Thomas was born and brought up in a reputable family of Chicago, USA. She was the only daughter of her Parents and as habitual dearest & most loved one to her parents.
Flavia’s Mother, Miss. Elizabeth Peterson was serving as a Teacher in High School run U.S Government since many years and Flavia’s heart was also filled with the sprit of spreading the light of knowledge which was naturally gifted to her by her Mother. Due to the busy Job Nature of Flavia’s Mother her family was living near High-School since her childhood. Each and every child who studies in that school can be observed from the Gallery of her Apartment.  The little kid used to observe the interaction of her Mother with students of that high school when even she visits there with her Mother. Her interest in teaching profession started to develop even at her Primary Grades. The great interest in Teaching becomes her Goal and dream to become a High-Teacher.

Despite of the tough routine of her Mother, Flavia used to Adamants to take her to High School events and her requests were fulfilled most of time.
Flavia was very Silent and reserved Child since her childhood and she was determined to achieve her Goal of becoming High-School Teacher. She tend to talk with only few of her Class mates and even she was shy to communicate with her teachers. The time continued to pass and it was the summer of 2009 when she passed out from High School now she was getting closer to achieve her Goal because she was going to apply for admission in a Teacher’s Training School.

Soon after High School exams winter vacations started and Flavia was preparing for aptitude test at her home. During her vacations a friend of Flavia came to meet at her Home and meanwhile enjoying a cup of hot coffee both friends got engaged in a general gossip.  Flavia’s friend told her about a Social Website (My Space) where they could share their Views in a more convenient way. As traditional Emails required proper time to reply and the replies tend to seems like Official letters, Flavia’s Started taking interest in that Social networking website. Initially she used to only communicate and share her views with only few of her friends but soon she realized that many of her Class mates are using that Platform to share their Ideas, experiences, achievements and many other events of life.

After few Months she started interacting with many of her class mates and further she also started taking part in online forums of that Website. That was an astonishing change in Flavia which was not only noticed by her parents but also by her friends.

Flavia’s Aptitude test was scheduled in the start of autumn and now she was not preparing for the admission in Teachers Training School. Yes! She had lost her interest in teaching profession. Thanks to Online Social Forums. It was astonishing that the online career forums had diverted her mind towards the field of Textile designing. Somehow she appeared in the aptitude test but due to worse preparation she couldn’t pass the Exam. Her Parents and friends were shocked to know about her failure.

After a Month, without any consultation with her parents Flavia applied and appeared in the Amplitude test of Fashion Designing. She passed the Aptitude test with flying colors and started studying the course with full consideration.

Today Flavia is a professional Fashion Designer and she owns Boutique in Chicago. This is how a Silent future Teacher was turned into a talkative Fashion designer by communicating on Social Media. There are many other revolutions which such Social Networking Websites are bringing in the life of every youngster who maintains an active Profile on such websites. Those changes can be explained in few Postulates written below:
The objective of Flavia’s Story is to examine the impact of social media on personality development of a Youngster which you can easily understand by the change in Flavia’s thinking.
Social Networking Websites greatly influences someone’s mindset and plays great role in Personality Development.

The Story of Flavia concludes that Social Websites are not only utilized for socializing but also for communication Purposes.
The Outcomes also indicates that use of Social Media more than a certain limit can divert mind which even changes Aim & Objectives of Life.

Social media factors that can directly influence Someone’s personality include:

” (i) Sudden Change in the medium of Communication (ii) Fake Standards of Appearance, (iii) Approval Seeking Behavior, (iv) Desire to become Popular, v) Access to the views of different People.
The Story has also 2 limitations. The 1st one is that the study does not make use of primary data in forms of Observation or interviews. Secondly, the use of qualitative approach which increases researcher bias.
The findings of this study can be used to make effective policies in order to eliminate the negative effects of social media in personality development.
The findings concludes that social media also has poses some adverse effects on the personality development as the silent Girl turned into a Gossip Girl.


The Story particularly identifies the personality factors that can be altered by the excessive use of Social Websites. These findings can be used to eliminate negative impact of Social Media on the Personality development.


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