Pakistan’s Future: 11-Year-Old Genius Programmer


Mohammad Raza is not your ordinary 11-year-old kid. While his companions go to class, play cricket and rub the incidental knee, Raza sits before a PC and codes. He assembles programming that can help get most needed offenders and make language indicators that nobody in the market has possessed the capacity to grow yet. Yes, he goes to class, yet rather than English, Mathematics, and Geography, Raza sits in on undergrad and experts level courses at Lahore’s Information Technology University. Also, scores fundamentally higher than his cohorts.

Raza was acquainted with programming by a companion of his father’s who downloaded the programming language, GW Basic, onto Raza’s PC. At that point started a procedure of self-learning by means of YouTube recordings. Subsequent to seeing Raza’s liking for programming, a similar family companion later introduced the coding language C to his PC too.

He was nine when his folks moved from Karachi to Lahore to set up a printing business which couldn’t do well. Consequently, money related limitations turned into a barrier amongst Raza and customary school training.

Around a similar time, Raza’s dad saw a story on the news about an as of late finished up mechanical autonomy display at ITU. Through a typical companion, he met with Talha Rehmani, an employee at the college, and attempted to persuade him regarding his tyke’s ability in programming.

To further clean his ability, it was chosen that Raza would sit through Computer Science classes implied for undergrad and experts level students. The personnel had ensured that no mercy would be given to Raza in at any rate so he could rival whatever remains of the students on an equivalent balance.

This semester, Raza is taking five classes including Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Electronic Devices and Structures, Advanced Algorithms and Computational Linguistics.

Since coming to ITU, Raza has effectively partaken in the yearly Robotics Exhibition. A year ago, he built up a Vision Based System (VBS) with facial recognition capacities. This year, he has exhibited an Urdu word indicator.

Taking a gander at the future, Raza does not have any desire to direct research for research. He needs to help take Pakistan forward and make programming that is perceived comprehensively. He needs to have any kind of effect for mankind on the loose. Furthermore, this can likewise be seen through his past undertakings like the vision-based system to catch criminals.

Source: TechnologyReview


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