Pakistan’s First Solar Powered Park is Operational in Islamabad

Pakistan, F9 Park

Islamabad’s biggest park called the F-9 park, (also known as the Fatima Jinnah Park) has gone solar.

The new solar panels numbering 3,400 were installed in December. The solar panels cover a total area of 2.5 hectares in the park which has a total area of 750 acres. About $4.8 million was spent on these solar panels.

This initiative was funded by a grant from China. Batteries will be used to store power to ensure that the park doesn’t run out of juice 24 hours a day.Some of the power will be used by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC), both of which have offices in the park.

They will provide un-interrupted power to one of the city’s biggest recreational parks, ridding it of constant power failures that plagued it. Fatima Jinnah park’s solar panels will produce 870 kilowatts of power. This is enough power for about 450 homes and will be used for the lights and the sprinklers and water pumps around the park.

Officials at the park claim that the visitors that had previously stopped visiting the park due to electricity problems are now returning adding that solar power has had the effect of bringing life back to the park. Children will no longer need to get off their favorite ride just because the power went out.

Solar power made life easier for the workers at the park as well. Karam Ali, a gardener at the Fatima Jinnah park says that solar power has made his job easier now that the sprinklers and the pumps are no longer shut down due to power outages.

Earlier the workers and gardeners were forced to work over time due to power outages to get the work done, without getting paid. That problem is now solved.




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