One Step towards the Future: Pakistan Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Opens in Islamabad

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority initiated Pakistan Internet Exchange today in Islamabad. PTA said that no less than two more internet exchanges are in pipeline and will be sent with time. After this, all local internet traffic will be steered through local internet exchange. Already, local internet traffic was directed through remote internet exchanges set outside Pakistan and henceforth created expanded latency and tons of cost for transporting bandwidth notwithstanding when both client and server were situated with-in Pakistan.

By keeping local traffic local and staying away from global links, local operators and clients can procure considerable cost investment funds, give generous local bandwidth and altogether enhance local Internet performance.

An initiation function for IXP was held in Islamabad where Anusha Rehman, Minister for IT and Telecom, was the central visitor. Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA was the host of the occasion while Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC and Country Lead for Huawei Pakistan were likewise present in front of an audience.

Pakistan Internet Exchange that was operational for a few months now as a pilot is as of now joined by eight ISPs and telecom operators. Current operators incorporate Wi-Tribe, PTCL, Telenor, Nayalel, Wateen, Cybernet, PERN and Multinet, while rest of the operators are in the procedure of terminating their fiber.

It was uncovered that Pakistan Internet Exchange is now preparing 3GBs of data for each second while add up to bandwidth every day achieved 3 TBs for every day.

Under the light of Telecom arrangement 2015 Telecom industry of Pakistan chose to dispatch Internet Exchange Point(xP) in Pakistan, to limit the Internet bandwidth cost and enhance nature of Internet Service because of intense diminishing in latency of the local Internet traffic.

PTA played the main part and began a meeting procedure with every one of the partners together to achieve an agreement on building up the primary IXP of Pakistan.

Worldwide accepted procedures were taken after and five working gatherings were framed having representation from all partners, concentrating on all part of the foundation of IXP for Pakistan. A five-day workshop was directed in April 2016, at PTA Islamabad, for the limit working of Pakistani Internet unity, ISOC and NSRP mentors led the preparation to delegates of all ISPs and mobile phone operators, on business and technical parts of IXP.





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