What is Objective and Subjective Grading?

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College & High School Students are under a lot pressure regarding their Academic Grades. In this stance Parents also put a lot of pressure on them. Either they are trying to become prominent in class or they are just trying to maintain scholarships most of them consider their Academic Grades as the measure of their success or failure in future as they feel that their future opportunities are depended on their Grades.  They are right up to great extent but the question is, “If Academic Grades are considered as a criteria of someone’s skills then what exactly is the Grading criteria by Professors? “
The Grading Criteria which is generally adopted by Teachers can be classified into Objective or Subjective assessment grading which can be better understood by knowing the basic differences between them.

Subjective Grading:
Subjective Grading emphasis upon the Professor’s professionally developed awareness of quality in academic work. It is considered essential for grading with validity, because many outcomes require sensitivity to context and therefore cannot be assessed & Graded in a fixed way. However due to some reasons Objective Grading is also assumed as biased or Un-Fair but still some criteria of achievements (i.e. Contextually Sensitive Performance) can only be assessed with validity by Subjective Grading. Therefore for Fair assessment of such qualities Subjective Grading is preferred by Professors.

Objective Grading:
Objective Grading is contrary to Subjective Grading, which is basically depended on Quantitative Scales which are applied to Student Work & Performance due to this reason Objective Grading is considered more reliable and fair than Subjective Grading. Therefore Professors usually prefer to rely on Objective Grading.


  • Assessment of you work can be subjective or Objective as a base of Grading.

Mostly your Grades are depended on how your Professor thinks therefore you need to figure out whether your Teacher has Objective or Subjective approach to assess your Work.


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