New U.S. President Bans Visa for 7 Muslim Countries & Pakistan Can Soon Get On that List

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In the wake of banning refuge seekers from 7 nations with Muslim-majority, from entering the USA, it appears President Trump and his group are simply beginning. There are stressing signs that Trump’s underlying #MuslimBan might be extended to different nations. White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus said in an interview:

You can indicate different nations that have comparative issues like Pakistan and others – maybe we have to take it facilitate. For the present, quick strides, pulling the Band-Aid off, is to do additionally vetting for individuals traveling all through those nations.

Banned Countries:

President Trump signed an official order on Friday to promptly end the entry of individuals originating from:

• Iraq
• Iran
• Syria
• Somalia
• Yemen
• Libya
• Sudan

The visa ban is to be successful for no less than 90 days despite the fact that we can’t state without a doubt in the event that it will last longer than that. The ban was enacted instantly bringing on perplexity and issues among travelers originating from the previously mentioned 7 nations.

Guarding his position, Trump organization’s Chief of Staff stated, this was a guarantee that President Trump had made and it’s a guarantee that he will keep. Furthermore, he’s not willing to not be right regarding this matter, we have to do our best to be cautious and ensure Americans.

There are reports Green Card Holders are being made a request to share their web-based social networking history and individual assessments about the Muslim Ban strategy. The US has declared that Green Card Holders will be exempted from travel ban.

At the point when asked whether this was the Muslim ban Trump had specified amid his presidential battle, Prebius stated, this is not a Muslim ban. This is recognizing the seven nations and the reason we picked those seven nations is those were the seven nations that both the Congress and the Obama organization distinguished just like the seven nations that were most identifiable with risky psychological warfare occurring in their nation.

At the end of the day, regardless of the possibility that Pakistan is not going to confront a ban, Pakistanis traveling to the USA will confront ‘outrageous vetting’ by the authorities. This might be liable to change in the future, in any case, and there’s no telling on the off chance that it will be for the more awful or better.

It ought to likewise be said that a US court has suspended Trump’s immigration ban for the present



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