New Broadband Projects coming to pakistan


Three broadband sustainable projects have been approved for Khyber lot, Mohmand lot and small lot 2 by the USF. The decision was taken under chairmanship of Anusha Rehman. The decision involved the approval given for public selling of the broadband. Another decision taken in the same meeting by USF was the initialization phase for development of computer labs in the government girls schools in the backward areas in the proximity of capital. Approval has also been granted for the further development of ICT project which involves the development of computer labs in all female education institutions in the side areas of Islamabad.

The idea behind the provisions granted in this board meeting under USF officials was the wide scale implementation of information and communication technology at various organizational levels across the country. The corporate sector comprising of small to large scale multinationals have a very strong impact on the economic development of Pakistan as these organizations make up more than 80% of the total organizations in the country.  These company also occupy a larger portion of the employment opportunities being provided to the masses and in a country with total population exceeding 200 million, the 65 million jobs are created by these varied organizations based on their size.


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This decision is taken by the board with the motive to enlist Pakistan in the line of highly earning nationalities. After the positive impact of the information technology on micro to medium size organizations on their productivity the board members were propelled to take this decision. The skills and expertise can be optimally utilized through development of internet infrastructure in these organizations. In the similar context, the board has decided to conduct a market research to get an in-depth analysis about the challenges faced by MEME for implementation of information and communication technology, ICT. Then based on finding the research team would put forth recommendations.

The prominent attendees in the board meeting held included significant officers in the department including Secretary IT; Mr. Rizwan Bashir Khan, CEO Jazz, Mr. Azfar Manzoor, chairman consumers’ association Mr. Kaukab Iqbal, Member Telecom; Mr. Mudassir Hussain, Mr. Aamir Ibrahim and the senior officials of UST.



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