Kaspersky Antivirus Researcher Arrested in Russia for High Treason

The company says the arrest wasn’t identified with his work at the Russian cybersecurity firm.

Security scientist Ruslan Stoyanov from Russia’s Kaspersky Labs was arrested for treason last December. As indicated by Russian daily paper Kommersant (interpreted), Stoyanov was taken in for break of Article 275 of the Crimes Against the Fundamentals of the Constitutional System and State Security. The specifics of why aren’t precisely evident, be that as it may. Kaspersky has issued a statement saying that the arrest had nothing to do with Stoyanov’s work at the Lab, and didn’t offer any data past the accompanying:

“The worker, who is leader of the Computer Incidents Investigations Team (CIIT), is under scrutiny for a period originating before his work at Kaspersky Lab. We don’t have points of interest of the investigation.”

The company says that the CIIT won’t be influenced by the arrest. As Ars Technica notes, Stoyanov was a noteworthy in the Russian Ministry of Interior from 2000 to 2006 preceding joining Kaspersky in 2012.

One of Forbes’ Russian infosec sources says that just giving the FBI data on a botnet could be considered treason. What’s fascinating are his achievements while at the Lab. Stoyanov’s work clearly imprisoned a lot of Russian digital hoodlums, including a trio who extorted UK wagering looks for $4 million, and another gathering of hooligans who stole $45 million from Russian banks.

Definitely what the result of the arrest will be, or any subtle elements originating from it could be hard to obtain. Forbes’ source additionally clarifies that infringement of Article 275 are dealt with by a mystery military tribunal


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