Japanese Company Makes New Phone That Can Be Washed with Soap & Water


AR cameras and Curved screens are fine and dandy, however here’s a phone highlight that reaches out past the ostentatious and contrivance to the possibly helpful.

The Rafre is really the second cleanser and waterproof phone from Kyocera, taking after another model revealed toward the finish of 2015. This time out, the Android handset has the special reward imperviousness to frothing body cleanser, as indicated by press materials discharged not long ago, so you can, at last, take the thing in the shower. What’s more, the touchscreen works while wet, for any individual who needs to utilize it in the tub or just, gets much of the time got in unforeseen rainstorms.

The greatest admonition for the minute is the way that the handset may be accessible in Japan at dispatch, leaving whatever is left of us germaphobes in somewhat of a reel. Clean oddities in that nation will have the capacity to lift the Rafre up one month from now at a cost that presently can’t seem to be resolved.


The handset ships with Nougat, a 13-megapixel raise confronting camera and a 3,000mAh battery. Likewise, for reasons unknown, it ships with a cooking application that clients can look through with motions an unusual offering point for one of only a handful few phones that are particularly intended to be washed off.





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