Huawei Introduces Widely Successful ‘HiGame’ Functionality in Pakistan


With introducing Mate 9 in Pakistani market, Huawei announced its own Android Mobile Game Store, imitating App Store named ‘HiGame’ which will be available on all Huawei devices across Pakistan.

Back in October 2013 Huawei launched this service is China where it flourished much. Huawei’s own game store comes pre-installed on Mate 9 and is introduced everywhere else as well.

HiGame store has much exclusive content for its users. It has wide range of educational, entertainment and games. The Arabian Nights, MOBA Legends are most popular games, to name a few. It is not developed by Huawei directly but some other Third Party Developers who’re pretty good at their job, they ensured the games and content on the HiGame store is appealing to users.

The interface of the app is rich of UI elements, easy to use and could be personalized. Functions like Rating system, Top Charts and other lists are also available. Based on your location, suggestions for games are also provided.

Keeping the company standard, Huawei has invested a lot in making sure the games are rigorously tested and provide quality experience for users.

If you own a Huawei device, just connect the device to internet update your OS to most recent one and you will see HiGame icon in the menu. If you have Mate 9 just pick it up and experience the app.


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