How to Implement Internet Usage Policy in an Organization?

Richman Investments (PVT) Limited; Internet Usage Policy 2015

Job responsibilities at the Richman Investments require access to the Internet. Due to some issues in last few months, the IT Department of Richman Investments (PVT) Limited has revised the Internet usage Policy. The new Policy has been implemented W.E.F 17th October, 2015 which applies to all Employees (Including, Part Time Employees, Contract workers, Business Partners and vendors).

Permissible and Restricted Use of the Internet:

1. Internet Services will be provided to any Employee only if reasonable business needs are identified, the Internet access can be limited or unlimited depending on the Job Nature of an Employee.

  1. Employees and Interns are only authorized to use Internet only for the development of Company’s Business. Personal utilization of the Company Owned Internet is strictly prohibited without the Permission of user’s Manager and IT Head. Usage of the Internet for personal purposes, without any approval may result in disciplinary action against an Employee.
    3. Downloading data which is illegal, pornographic, or which negatively depicts race, Gender or creed is specifically prohibited. The company also prohibits political activity and engaging in any form of intelligence collection from our facilities.
    4. Other activities that are strictly prohibited include, (i) Accessing Company information that is irrelevant to employees Nature of work. (ii) Duplication of Copyrighted Content of any Person or Organization. (iii) Transmission of any confidential or sensitive information without the proper Authorization. (iv) Posting or creation of any unlawful, offensive, libelous, threatening or harassing material based on race, national origin, gender, age, disability, religion, or political beliefs. (vi) Any form of gambling or fraud (vii) Downloading of any program for use without authorization from the IT Department and the user’s manager. (viii) Ordering (shopping) of any item or services on the Internet. (ix) Playing or downloading any kind of game. (x) Forwarding chain Messages or Participation in any on-line Promotion or contest.



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