Complete the following problem. Provide the PAC, the Structure chart, the coupling diagram, along with the flowchart and pseudocode for each module.

A camp counselor would like to know the average age of those attending a camp. The counselor would also like to know the age of the oldest and the youngest camper. There are typically between 40 and 110 campers that attend the camp.


It is the primary step of answer development, analyze of problem that what’s required and take away the additional non needed data. Then write down the desired input given to the info section and therefore the output within the required output section. Record the process that process the matter demands within the section of problem analysis chart headed required process.



Problem Analysis Chart


Given Data Required Results
Data Given In The Problem Or Provided By User

Data Constants Variables

There Are Typically Between 40 And 110 Campers That Attend The Camp

Requirements To Produce The Output

Average Age Of Those Attending A Camp

Age Of The Oldest Camper

Age Of The Youngest Camper

Processing required Solution alternatives


Take total no of campers find average,

Divide into age groups, separate them,

Look for oldest & youngest





Differentiate the attendees on basis of their age & then find solution


Structure Chart:

It divides the process into subtasks known as modules and so connections are shown the relation between the various modules. Every module ought to perform a selected task. There ought to be one module to manage these function known as control or Main module. One module shouldn’t contain more than twenty instructions.


IPO Chart (Input Processing Output Chart):

It is the organizing tool to urge the additional details regarding the computer file and exploitation the information what output can generate. It shows the placement in solution where processing. It contains four components.

Input: It contains all the information input from the user.

Processing: it contains all the process steps required to get the output.

Module Reference: It contains the module variety with every step of process.

Output: it includes all needed outputs.



IPO chart is as shown below:


Input Processing Module Reference Output
?Quantity of Camper ? Enter the age range

? Separate age groups

? Calculate new average

? Display

? End

Read Data




Separate Age Groups

Age of Young Campers


Age of Old Campers


Average People Attending Camp


Coupling Diagram:

It is a Diagram to show, that which variable is passed to which module for inter connection and processing of the data to give the output.

Pseudo Code & Flowchart




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