What are the File Formats Associated With Creating a Web Page? and What Types of Image Files to Be Used on Net?

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File formats associated with creating a web page:


The files with this extension indicate a Perl file. Several net servers can execute a .pl file as a CGI.


A file with .asp extension basically indicates that the net page is a lively Server Page. ASP provides scripting, macros, and embody files to a web site. It conjointly provides info property and far additional. it’s most frequently found on Windows net servers.


Those file with .js represent a JavaScript file. You’ll be able to load your JavaScript files into the net page itself or else you will have to compose JavaScript page and then place it in an external file and cargo it from there. If you write your JavaScript into the net page you will not see the .js extension, because it are going to be a part of the hypertext mark-up language file.


.html was the initial extension for markup language pages on operating system net hosting machines. It references any file that’s html.

Types of Image Files to Be Used on Net:


The PNG otherwise known as Portable Network Graphic could be a graphic file format that was created for the online. PNG files don’t essentially need to have the .png extension, however that is however you may most frequently see them. Its color, higher compression, and transparency than GIF files.


In JPG aka JPEG file format was created for photographic pictures. If a picture has photographic qualities, while not expanses of flat color it could be a part of jpeg file or is likely to be. Pictures that are saved as JPG files can usually be smaller than identical file saved in a very GIF format.


In GIF file is and image format that was 1st developed by CompuServe. Its best used for pictures with flat colors. It offers the power to “index” colors on your pictures create certain that they contain solely net safe colors or tiny low palette of colors and with flat colored images make the photographs smaller. You’ll additionally produce animated pictures mistreatment GIF files.


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