Facebook launched new creative feature in FB groups.


Facebook is becoming successful in their promise with Mark Zuckerberg by improving tools provided to admins of different Facebook groups by building a remarkable community. Now it provides its user with the option of answering three simple questions in order to get their request for joining the group approved. This option will make it easier for admin of the group to filter the irrelevant person whom they think are not the best fit for the membership of group.

In the setting menu group admins were provided with an option of “Ask Pending members Questions”. The potential members need to answer those 3 questions up to 250 characters for each. These answers are not get posted in the group but only admins are able to see these answers to the questions. Those members who are being invited to the group through a joining request will get this link in notification on the other hand the users who join a group with questionaries’ will immediately asked to fill the required form. Candidate can also edit those answers before they get appraised by the admin.

In past, if admin wants to investigate about specific person that why he/she wants to join a group he need to send them friend request or contact them via Facebook personal messages and those massages get mixed up simultaneously. Doing this task repetitively and keeping track of all the answers is very difficult for admin obviously. This will lead them to ultimately deny the request to join the group otherwise it will leads to discrepancy of abusing the group by not attaining the required information from the profile of that specific person.

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In February, Zuckerberg wrote that “One of the things that we’ve seen in online communities, but also including offline communities, is that having an engaged and talented leader is one of the key things for making a strong community … but right now our Groups product hasn’t really been built to facilitate the leaders.” (Facebook Groups can now screen new members with a questionnaire, n.d.)

The step of giving the authority to the admins of group will lead to having more control on spamming like they need to filter on the basis on answers given by different people. It will leads to stop members of group to turn off notifications from the specific group due to disruption and more productive discussion can be made in the group while notifying every member.

In the next month, Facebook will announce its first Groups Summit for Group admins in Chicago. We might assume more product declarations based on the goals charted in Zuckerberg strategy. Those could comprise the capability to make sub-Groups and establish more precise roles and authorizations for representatives, and assemble analytics about the routine of various Group evolution. (Facebook Groups can now screen new members with a questionnaire, n.d.)



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