How to Design VLSM Network?

Design a secured network for these 2 new College Residential halls with CISCO 3 layer architecture principle. Assume that these two buildings are separated with the main campus and will have its own infrastructure to connect to the Internet. Assume a IP address is allocated to the 2 buildings (No NAT use, if the network is inadequate, you may lease another class C address 221.185.53/24). You must use VLSM to subnet the network as efficiently and securely as possible. Design the complete network with MS Visio and Label all of your subnets with its IP address range.


Student Residence Hall comprised of 2x building; The Annex Residence Hall and The Phoenix Residence Hall. Annex is a 5 story building with 40 rooms on each floor. Each room is equipped with 4x Ethernet jacks for its residence. Each floor is also equipped with 5x 802.11AC wireless access point. Floor 1 also has an addition of 3x offices for staff. Each staff office is equipped with 1x PC and 1x laptop, and all 3 offices share 1x network printers.


The Phoenix Hall is a 5x story building residence hall for graduate students, with 30 rooms per floor. This hall is mainly inhabited by graduate students. Each room is equipped with 4x Ethernet jacks and each floor is served by 5x 802.11AC wireless access point. On Floor 1 there is a dining hall that seats 60 residence. There are 30x Ethernet jacks in this dining hall and additional 2x 802.11AC wireless access point. There is also a computer lab on this floor that has 20x PCs and 10x Apple Mac Pro workstations for students use. These two residence halls see the most internet traffic flow on campus. is variably subnetted, 4 subnets, 2 masks

S [1/0] via

C is directly connected, Serial0/1

C is directly connected, Serial0/0

S [1/0] via


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