Core i9 CPU is comming by intel at high price

core i9 cpu
core i9 cpu

The future plan of Intel about the production of Core i9 CPU is appealing, especially among the tech world. Intel is going to produce highly expensive and quality desktop CPUs with 12 cores. Anand Tech’s Board has revealed about the new plan of Intel, appearing as someone has tried to take a picture of presentation, with the intention to create an amazing discussion around the world.  According to the detail of Anand Tech about the new production plan of Intel, the future desktop CPU with 12 cores and energy use of 140W will be the most effective and strong CPU in all over the globe, as one of the most significant way for the production of future Mac Pro.

However, the only problem with the new release of Intel is that they might demand nearly $1000 for their core i9 CPUS. But Intel is going to make core i9s with 10, 8, and 6 cores as well, while using turbo clock within the CPUS supporting high performance speed to do tasks. Intel has decided to launch their high tech core i9s in June and it is appealing for whole globe that Intel is going to please the people with their high performance tech.


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