Compare and Contrast Different Mobile Games Based on GUI, Tangibility and Shareability


For this assignment, we want you to consider the pros and cons of playing the same game using different interfaces. Select three interfaces, other than the GUI and mobile ones, e.g. tangible, wearable, and shareable, and describe how the game could be redesigned for each of these, taking into account the user group being targeted. For example, the tangible game could be designed for young children, the wearable interface for young adults, and the shareable interface for old people.


This design interface would target elderly people.


This design additionally obliges a more mind confusing outline than a basic GUI.

High score will be digitally shown in vast text style either on ‘diversion coliseum’ or seat of the amusement table, to noticeable from any point.

The table is touch-delicate. As the little ball moves along the table’s even surface, the sensors must identify that slight weight of the ball. The table additionally goes about as a screen, demonstrating the development of the virtual snake, thus the representation must be very nitty gritty and ongoing.

The handle-wheels on the edge of the table proselyte mechanical vitality into electronic signs which then relate to one side or right development of the virtual snake. A key configuration point for these handles is giving variable resistance, recognizing differing quality limits of clients. Likewise take note of that the 2 handles every just turn in one heading.

The table needs to have the capacity to think about the weight ‘direction point’ of the ball with the virtual ‘direction point’ of the snake’s head.


Youthful babies from 6months onwards. A few kids would look after interest, while others would rapidly lose interest.


As opposed to obliging exact, gifted developments of the finger or hand of the youthful youngster, the amusement advances when she pulls a genuine item, a toy snake, toward a material glimmering shape on the ground. Utilizing an unmistakable interface as a part of thusly obliges a great deal more intricate innovation then basically a GUI.

  1. The toy snake could have magnets in it which are distinguished by sensors in the mat, to guarantee toy has been conveyed to shape.
  2. The mat itself will need to be weight touchy for when the tyke presses the shapes.
  3. Further advancement: have different settings which can be chosen by instructor (e.g. Shading of lights, distinctive sounds)


Youth matured generally between 7-14 years of age

The fundamental motivation behind this diversion is to support physical practice through prizes


Utilizes a gadget where the youngster’s development is changed over into an electronic sign which actuates a step counter.

The screen of carry around toy would most likely be like the shortsighted cell telephone screen, being monochromatic and pixelated.

Speaker segment: A brief, straightforward beep will be created when obliged strolling separation is finished.

Outlining the processor, show and catches will need to figure restricted physical storage room, as a client experience objective is to be ultra-convenient

Pros & Cons:

Tangible Shareable Wearable
Pros:   i. User is a lot of engaged

ii. Up to five senses!

iii. wonderful for kinesthetic learners

iv. sensible for developing basic motor skills

v. Encourages exploration and exercise

vi. Teaches young children ’cause-and-effect’ thought

vii. Most natural interface for developing a child’s intermodal perception

viii. modifiable for multiple babies to use at the same time

ix. fairly movable

x. safe

i. Encourages cluster interaction
ii. Ready to be changed thus interactive table are often used for ‘smart board’, etc…
iii. Develops/maintains old people’s quickness & strength
iv. Encourages team work
v. Has potential to be even be contend competitively
vi. Safe
vii. Appeals a lot of to old users thanks to social element
i. Encourages exercise

ii. Rewards based–positively affirms helpful activity

iii. Cheap for rich western culture

iv. Fashion statement for ‘tweens’ and young teens

v. Are often used between youth competitively

vi. Safe

vii. Permits folks to harness beneficially youth’s interest in technology

Cons:  i. moderately expensive

 ii. Not promptly on the market

 iii. probably low business demand               

  i. probably prohibitively overpriced

 ii. Is also troublesome for elderly to check clearly what’s happening, since snake is 2D.       

 i. is also too expensive for lower socio-economic background families

 ii. does not encourage social interaction


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