Careem Taxi Service launched in Pakistan 3 other cities


In Multan, Gujranwala, and Sialkot Careen has declared its new launch. According to Careem, different successful launches in many urban cities have paved the way for Careem to launch in developing cities that show real working class and tenacity basis. Within this current growth, Careem in Pakistan has decided to offer million career opportunities through 2020.

According to the market launch director of Careem, Fatima Mazhar, “Careem is one of Pakistan’s best homegrown technology success stories, and we’re truly excited about our national expansion.

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Pakistan is one of the crowded nations within the area where the system and nature of transportation is infected, offering inappropriate transit services. In this concern, Careem has aimed to offer affordable services, as alternative, to the citizens of Pakistan. According to the Managing Director of Careem Pakistan, “The Success in urban cities has motivated us to further expand our services. We are confident that our new cities will enjoy the ease of use and overall experience.”


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