How to Build a PHCA – Patient Help-Check App

Problem Description:

The core functionalities of the application are:

  • Patients can register online or on mobile filling up basic questions that create their medical history
  • They can consult with doctor’s online after a payment
    • (Video Conferencing feature)
  • After consultation these doctors can add more notes to the existing medical history
  • Patient must be able to upload medical files Like X-rays, lab reports, etc. to their account
  • All records would be in one place
    • Centralized Database
  • The application will also have an e-commerce section of medical products

Why a DB solution?

This app would have a centralized DB because all the data must be saved on one location i.e. patients can provide history answering some simple questions and for a proper checkup they can upload relative documents & after the doctor has checked doctor can also edit/add or update those same patient history files according to his diagnosis without overwriting previous records. The ERD below describes the DB solution that needs to be implemented:

Patient Help-Check App

Project Design and Implementation

The project would have simple easy to use GUI with which user can easily interact and a proper MySQL/SQL DB storage functionalities, procedures and views will be designed & implemented to manage every interface to be used either at backend or at the frontend. The DFD below explains how it will work:

Project Design and Implementation

FrontEnd GUI Screen

FrontEnd GUI Screen

Design Tools:

Invision (iOS, Android)

Invision is another free web and mobile prototyping device accessible for both the iOS and Android stages. This prototyping device has a full remarking system, alongside notifications and status updates, so all individuals from a group can see where the venture is at without asking.

  • Invision additionally does constant cooperation with individuals, so you can all get together online and work on the venture together if an issue comes up.
  • It incorporates full design tools inside the constant joint effort, so it genuinely is a perfect continuous affair.
  • Furthermore, maybe the best feature, it has variant control, for when you incidentally roll out an improvement you shouldn’t have, or when you need to bring back an old design idea

Developing Environment & Technologies:

The core development of android app would be done in Android Studio, DB would be MySQL for App & SQL for web interface, WebAPI would be designed ASP .Net using Visual Studio. E-R model and RDBMS schemas will be developed using mySQL workbench and mySQL server as RDBMS as database engine. The design will address all the above the requirements. mySQL DB schemas with stored procedures, views, and access control rules. The web portal would also be developed in ASP .Net, the whole project development would follow SCRUM technique and Rapid Application Development Procedures with proper coding ethics & standards.


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