Barack Obama Answers to Letter from a Pakistani 16-Years Old Girl

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Amidst the whirlwind of detest and prejudice conveyed to light by Trump and his actions, previous President Barack Obama has developed as practically the widely adored president.

The principal ever dark individual to ascend to such statures in the White House, Barack Obama orders a specific regard in the hearts of individuals around the globe. One Pakistani student and a major aficionado of Obama found out about the President’s dedication to his role direct when she got an immediate response from the President himself.

Khadija is a 16-year-old Pakistani Student. She has a place with a group of military foundation and is an individual from the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Study & Exchange (YES) program. Subsidized by the United States, YES gives grants to high school students from nations with huge Muslim populaces to spend up to one scholastic year in the United States. The students get the chance to live with receiving families, go to high school with kindred Americans, and participate in exercises to find out about American culture and values, obtain administration abilities, and help teach them about their nations and societies.

Khadija was motivated to join YES in light of the fact that a great deal of her companions had taken an interest in the program. She turned into a piece of YES’s 2016-2017 bunch and is at present selected as a Senior in a High School in Michigan, United States. She considers Mythology, World History, Journalism, Genetics, American Literature, Art, Microbiology, and Photography and so on.

Toward the finish of 2016, she chose to keep in touch with the then-leader of the United States, Barack Obama. When I asked her what motivated her to do as such, she basically said that she has “constantly regarded previous President Obama as a man”.

Obama, Letter, Pakistani Girl

“I kept in touch with him, much the same as I would keep in touch with some other individual, and it truly felt like I was conversing with him, face to face. I needed to value his endeavors on ladies’ rights and the way he was with the First Family,” said Khadija.

Khadija, a backer for ladies’ rights, constantly needed to thank the President and pass on her own perspectives on ladies’ rights. Much to her dismay that the individual in charge of running one of the world’s most capable countries would take some time off to pen down a response to her letter. Aside from communicating his thankfulness for the exertion and soul appeared by the little young person, Obama additionally urged her to dream on and contact her objectives. Khadija endeavors to enhance training all around. She has presented various thoughts to the Barack Obama Foundation’s site for the progression of ladies’ instruction, including a sheltered house for crises, and a strict 24-hour administration of contact to help talk worried individuals of any damage they may do to themselves or others.


Obama, Reply, Letter, Pakistani Girl


The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, may not be precisely a perfect president. He dropped more than 20,000 bombs on outside nations in 2016 alone and has approved ten circumstances more drone attacks than George Bush. He has missed the mark on a considerable lot of his different claims also, neglecting to shut down Guantanamo, and changing migration. He has likewise neglected to control the racial pressure in the United States which has brought about Trump’s ascent to control.



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