Article Review: Practicing Ethically with Technology


Technology has turned into a critical piece of contemporary legitimate practice. Legal counselors ought to have the capacity to perceive when utilizing Technology is expected to give a legitimate administration adequately and see how to utilize Technology mindfully and morally. In spite of the fact that codes of expert lead in Canada don’t unequivocally oblige the utilization of Technology, various moral commitments under the codes for instance, to adjust to changing proficient prerequisites, guidelines, strategies and rehearses” and to keep up office staff, offices and supplies sufficient to the attorney’s practice” recommend that the proper utilization of Technology in the circumstances must be considered. On the off chance that you choose the utilization of Technology is fitting to give a legitimate administration or to deal with your practice, different guidelines of expert behavior, for example, those representing customer privacy and advertising by attorneys, will direct your behavior in the utilization of that Technology. The data gave here is proposed to help you explore the convergence between the utilization of Technology and your moral and expert commitments. Given the scope of moral inquiries brought by utilizing Technology up as a part of a law rehearse, and the differences among law rehearses, we don’t case to offer a complete asset, or to be prescriptive. Our objective is to help you spot potential moral issues identified with the utilization of Technology and to direct you to assets to focus best practices and arrangements that are proper for your circumstance. The five ranges secured: privacy, security, showcasing, giving administrations electronically, and availability were distinguished as zones where legal counselors frequently confront moral dangers in utilizing Technology. There are different territories of concern and new issues will develop as both the law hone environment and accessible Technology’s advance. Figuring out how to practice morally with Technology ought to be approached as a progressing and element undertaking.


Ethical, Legal & Social Issue:

Tenets of expert behavior oblige that legal advisers hold in strict certainty all data concerning the business and issues of a customer procured over the span of the expert relationship and must not uncover any such data.

Classified stuff may be at danger when utilizing innovations, including, email, cell phones, remote access, online capacity of data (e.g. cloud-based administrations) and online networking.

Canadian principles of expert behavior don’t give particular direction on the measures legal counselors ought to take to defend the privacy of customer data when utilizing innovation.

The inquiries beneath, with going with discourse and connections to assets, will help you survey whether you are in consistence with your secrecy commitments when utilizing innovation.

It is key to put satisfactory efforts to establish safety set up when utilizing innovation as a part of a legitimate practice to secure customer privacy, as well as to consent to other moral commitments identifying with the treatment of trust stores and the protection of customer property.

The utilization of passwords, encryption and alert as for distributed computing administrations, examined above, are discriminating to creating sufficient security frameworks. We assemble here on that dialog by tending to a few extra issues, including:

  • Physical efforts to establish safety
  • going down information
  • Firewalls and interruption recognition programs
  • Anti-infection/against malware programming and PC security programming suites
  • Technology preparing and innovation use approaches

Giving lawful administrations electronically exhibits extra consistence dangers, identified with the issues examined above of framing unintended customer attorney connections when showcasing online and secrecy concerns when utilizing innovation. Different issues for you to consider are tended to here, including: dodging incidental irreconcilable situations and unapproved practice of law; customer recognizable proof and check; supervision; electronic marks; and paperless workplaces.

Thoughts & Reflections:

It is critical to guarantee that the data you give and your correspondences are available to persons with incapacitates, whether firm individuals, customers or potential enlisted people. Codes of expert behavior recognize that legal counselors have an exceptional obligation to regard the prerequisites of human rights laws in power in Canada, its areas and domains and, particularly, to respect the commitments listed in human rights laws. Likewise, a perceived piece of legal counselor ability is imparting at all important phases of a matter in an opportune and compelling way. Commonplace laws might likewise contain availability prerequisites. The discourse underneath recommends some best practices yet does not address particular administrative necessities. Where statutory measures are set up, you will need to guarantee you are mindful of and follow those gauges.



Malcolm Mercer, Anthony Kavanagh,Kris Dangerfield, Lisa Fong, Amy Salyzyn, 2013-14 . Practising Ethically with Technology, Ottawa, Canada: The Canadian Bar Association,CBA Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee.



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