Around 2 Billion Ads Were Taken Down by Google in 2016 Because they Were Malicious

Fake advertisers are everywhere throughout the internet, and Google is doing all that it can to prevent them from scamming users. As indicated recently told providing details regarding the matter, the search giant expelled 1.7 billion ads from its advertising stage in 2016, more than twofold the sum contrasted with the year earlier. The online housekeeping included 68 million ads for illegal pharmaceutical products, 80 million for the substance that misdirected and tricked purchasers, and also 112 million others that utilized click-bait strategies.

malacious ads

Google says it additionally brought down 6,000 destinations and 6,000 records that advertised fake goods, something that is turned into a noteworthy issue on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Regardless of its efforts, however, the organization knows scammers will keep on trying exploiting individuals, so you ought to dependably be careful with what you’re clicking on. Keep in mind, on the off chance that it sounds pipe dream, it presumably is.


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