How to Apply Employee Internet Usage Policy in an Organization

Employee Internet Usage Policy

The policy below is to be implemented in Richman Investments (PVT) Limited, to make sure employees wary of the regulations and precautions connected with Internet usage.

Employee Internet Usage Policy

As a major aspect of this Richman Investment’s dedication to the use of new innovations, numerous/the greater part of our employees have entry to the Internet. So as to guarantee consistence with the copyright law, and shield us from being deceived by the risk of infections or hacking into our server, the accompanying is taking effect right now:

It is Richman Investment’s policy to utmost Internet access to authority business. Employees are approved to access the Internet for private issue night-time, in strict consistence with alternate terms of this policy. The presentation of infections, or vindictive messing with any PC framework, is explicitly disallowed. Any such movement will promptly bring about end of vocation.

Employees utilizing Richman Investment accounts are going about as agents of organization. As being what is indicated, employees ought to act in like manner to abstain from harming the association’s notoriety.

Documents that are downloaded from the Internet must be examined with infection discovery programming before introducing or execution. Every suitable safety measure ought to be taken to identify for an infection and, if essential, to keep its spread.

Reality or precision of data on the Internet and in email ought to be viewed as suspect until affirmed by a different solid source.

Employees might not place organization material like copyrighted software, inner correspondence, and so on any openly accessible Internet PC without fitting authorization.

Substitute Internet Service Provider associations with Richman Investments inward system are not allowed unless explicitly approved and legitimately ensured by a firewall or other suitable security gadgets.

The Internet does not ensure the protection and privacy of data. Touchy material exchanged over the Internet may be at danger of location by an outsider. Employees must practice alert and care when moving such material in any structure.

Unless generally noticed, all software on the Internet ought to be viewed as copyrighted work. In this manner, employees are restricted from downloading software and/or altering any such records without authorization from the copyright holder.

Any encroaching action by an employee may be the organization’s obligation. In this manner, this association may decide to hold the employee subject for the employee’s activities.

Richman Investments maintains all authority to review an employee’s PC system for infringement of this policy.


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