Apple has developed technology that will increase the iPhone’s internet speeds


Apple has started to work on “5G” technology which is the next generation wireless technology. This technology will enhance the bandwidth of the iPhones and increase the internet speed of the phones. The company has signed an application to obtain an experimental license to use this technology. This application is known as millimeter wave. This license was announced to public last Tuesday by FCC.

According to this application, “Apple Inc. seeks to access cellular link performance in direct path and multipath environments between base station transmitters and receivers using this spectrum.” This technology will allow the engineers to work on the 5G technology in company’s mobile phones. The company has selected two locations to test this technology as experiments. One of these locations include Milpitas, California and the second one is known as Mariani Avenue.

Mariani Avenue was Apple’s first headquarters.  According to the content of Apple’s application, Apple will use these two locations to transmit the 5G technology. The company will operate the transmission process according to the rules and regulations mentioned in Form 442. These regulations include the use of horn antenna with beamwidth of 20 degrees at half power in the H-plane and E-plane and 20-25 degrees of downtilt. The maximum period for conducting the experiment will be 1 year.

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The company has mentioned 29 and 38 GHz bands in its application. The FCC has approved the application for the commercial use of 5G. Rohde and Schwarz, Analog Devices, and A. H. Systems are the official manufacturers of this technology. The primary contact and the regulatory engineer of this technology is Mark Neumann. 5G technology promises that the users will be able to enjoy the bandwidth when the latency goes down. The devices used on millimeter wave technology will be able to use the wavelength which is not otherwise possible. The company has selected two sites for conducting this experiment but this selection is still unclear for the experts.

The company has never announced any research on 5G technology before this application and the company has recently joined 5G technology industry and it is now going to test 5G experimentation. Also, the company has shown the intentions of using 28 GHz which is the bandwidth used in transmission between earth and space. The company had developed a hardware experts team about a month ago and the people included in this team have vast experience of satellite and spacecraft design. The company has refused to comment on the relevant news.


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