Airbus flying car will cost the same as a regular taxi


Airbus is working on its electric aircraft and it is very close to conduct first flight test. The company has claimed that the cost of its ride will be as low as the cost of the regular taxi. The company has taken this step to against the congestion of roads. The company has decided to take commutes to the air. The cost of the ride on these electric aircraft vehicles will be as low as $1.5 to $2.5 per mile.

The company is conducting the project which is known as the project Vahana. This project is designing self-autonomous vehicles and these vehicles will use eight rotors to fly in the air. The first prototype designed under this project has the capability of flying up to 31 miles and it will be commercially available by 2017.

The company has estimated that the finalized version of this aircraft will be able to fly to 60 miles and it will be available in the market by 2020. Airbus is not the only company to work on this project. A couple of German companies including Uber and e-Volo are also working on such self-autonomous aircrafts.

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The major target of Airbus company is to replace the quick cab rides and this is the reason why the company is looking to offer the competitive fairs. The company will install the electric powertrain in the vehicle to keep the cost of maintaining and fuel low in the vehicles. The company has released the prototype video which shows that the vehicles will utilize cameras and lidar technologies to maintain a safe distance from the other aircrafts in the air.


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