7 Critical Factors That Will Influence Your User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Imagine visiting a brick and mortar store and getting the best shopping experience. After a great first impression, you visit the same store again and get the same level of customer satisfaction from it. Would you visit the store again? Yes, right.

Would you recommend it to your friends and family? Yes. Great user experience can have the same effect on visitors. They will visit your website again and again and stay on it for longer. As a business, this is exactly what you want. In short, user experience can make or break your business.

How can you deliver a great user experience with your website and mobile apps? For that, you will have to develop a deeper understanding of critical factors that impact the user experience. In this article, you will learn about seven important factors that will influence your user experience design.

  • Usability

Usability is all about letting your users efficiently and effectively achieve their goal with your UX designs. Yes, if you are creating a user experience design for the first time or it is your first iteration, you can get some leeway but if it is your final and most refined version of your design then it should be easy to use. Minimize the number of clicks to make your user experience design easy to use for your target audience. Put together user experiences that bring everything at a distance of few clicks and users would love it. Provide design cues and avoid making the user think and figure out how to navigate your design and achieve their desired objectives.

  • Accessibility

Most companies look at accessible design as a waste of money. user experience designers tend to ignore accessibility when creating user experience design. As a result, they end up creating UX designs that are not only functional but good to look at but lacks on the accessibility front.

This means that their UX designs cannot be accessed by disabling individuals. With a large enough percentage of users having one or more disability, it is important for user experience designers to pay attention to accessibility. The biggest advantage of creating the accessible design is that it will not only make your design accessible for users with special needs but it can also make it more user-friendly for normal users.

  • Searchable

Imagine visiting a website and could not find the information you are looking for. There is no search bar and navigation buttons are hidden. There is nothing worse than that from a user experience point of view. Your website should have a search bar and simple navigation to help user get the information they need without much hassle. You can not expect your users to figure out how to navigate your website. You will have to make it so easy that everyone can easily get to the information they need.

  • Utility

Irrespective of how accessible and eye-catching your user experience designs might be, if it does not have the feature set to wow the target users, it will fail to impress them. Make sure you pack in features that enhance the usefulness of your user experience design. Definition of the term use will vary from user to user but make sure that your user experiences it useful for most of your target audience. In order to achieve success with user experience design, you will have to design a user experience that is feature rich to the point that surpasses user’s expectations. That is exactly what professional web development company in Abu Dhabi do.

  • Credibility

You might be thinking what does credibility has to do with user experience design but that fact is that credibility plays a critical role. Credibility in UX design refers to the ability of users to trust your products and services you offer. If your website consistently delivers a smoother user experience or your mobile app continues to impress the user every time with something new and useful, you will start to build credibility and users will start to trust and have faith in your user experience design.

  • Valuable

Brands have their value proposition that sets them apart from other brands and attracts customers towards the brand. Similarly, your UX design should deliver some kind of value to users in order to gain the attention of your target audience. People visit your website because they find it valuable and once they stop seeing you as a valuable source, they will abandon your website and visit a competitor website. As a business, you don’t want that.

The more value you deliver through the user experience will persuade users to explore more about your products and services and increase the chances of making a purchase. In fact, value is one of the key factors influencing purchase decisions. For instance, you are selling a $200 product that solves a $1000 problem for your target audience, you will succeed. Similarly, if your product is more expensive than the value it delivers, it will not get more attention from users. As a result, such products do not sell well.

  • Desirable

Last but certainly not least is desire. Does your user experience design create a feeling of desire in your target audience? If it does, then your user experience designs are great. It will keep persuading users to visit your website again and again for something new or keep your users engaged with mobile apps.

Use your brand identity, design aesthetics, logo design, images and emotional connection to create desirability amongst your users. Once users become a brand advocate, he or she will share a positive experience with others and it will spread like wildfire. This positive word of mouth marketing will help your brand a lot and increase its reach and recognition. Make sure you succeed in delivering the wow effect to your target audience with user experience designs.

Which factor will make the biggest impact on your user experience design? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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