5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Laptop’s Performance

Laptop’s Performance
Boost Your Laptop’s Performance

You may have purchased a budget laptop which is nowadays available in India with more features and at reasonable prices. But, the issue with budget laptops is that they start becoming slower or slugging within a few months of their usages.

No matter which brand of laptop you may have, such as HP laptops, Asus laptops and more, it is evident to experience some issues in them from time to time. If you are also facing such a situation, then here is a post that will sort it out. Read on!

Quick tips to enhance the performance of his laptop

1) Install Windows update

Microsoft keeps releasing updates for the Windows Operating System regularly. But, most of the users ignore them due to their large download sizes. It is a big mistake that they make as they come with enhanced security updates.

It also comes with performance patches for your notebook. You should not get such updates as soon as they are available. You can wait for a few days to find out if such an update is relevant or has some issues and then update the Operating System.

2) Get your hard disk drive sorted

Another reason for your laptops running slow may be the unwanted data clogging your internal storage drive. Users often install apps or copy data on the laptop, and they seem to overlook them coughing up resources and space.

You can use the free WinDirStat or DiskSavvy to assess your storage drive to check what is consuming the storage space. Once you have the idea, you can also manually remove unwanted apps and data.

Laptop’s Performance
Laptop’s Performance

3) Keep your laptop clean

After a user has done with the cleaning of the internal hard disk drive of your notebook, it’s time for him/her to its external components. To do that, you can take the laptop to a certified service centre for undertaking clean-up service. If you have an idea about it, even you can do that easily.

You only need a cleaning kit which is available in the market under Rs.500. It comprises of brush, cleaning spray, air blower and microfiber cloth. It is easier to keep out dust from vents, corners and also under the keyboard keys. It would help you improve the performance of laptops.

4) Opt for a security program

Another way to ensure better performance of the laptop is going ahead with a certified security suite. There is no issue in going forward with free antivirus and antimalware software. But, a free version may not come with all the required features to protect your laptop from all issues.

The better thing would be to opt for the paid version of the software and stay stress-free. You do not worry about the require the payment of investing in a better security program these days. You can buy any full-fledged security program for your laptop anywhere between Rs.150 and Rs.500.

5) Reset if everything fails

It is the last resort that you can opt for to get your laptop up and to work. Resetting the system will ensure wiping off all data and apps from your order. As a result, it will bounce back to the factory reset mode. It means that your laptop OS will go at the same stage as when you started it for the first time.

This step will also get rid of all different settings as well as many virus and malware. The overall resetting processing will finally depend on the type of model that you may have with you. As a result, once you start with the format process, it may take a few hours to several hours.

Another way of boosting the performance of your laptop is by upgrading the hardware. Most branded laptops like HP, Lenovo, Iball, Asus and others will let you improve the RAM and HDD on your own via authorized service centres.

Among all these brands Lenovo is such one brand which can fit any budget while offering many designs and features from essential family laptops, to high-performance gaming notebooks and think pads, to stylish multimedia devices with latest designs that can fit all your requirements.

If you want everything should go quickly, then you must buy Lenovo laptops which will help you in every aspect from buying to after-sales service. You can double up your RAM and HDD and analyze the necessary improvement in your laptop from time to time.

You can implement the discussed points to improve the performance of the laptop quickly. If you interest to buy a laptop, then you can do that without disturbing your budget these days. You can pay only fixed EMI by dividing the laptop cost over a tenor and noting extra to enjoy savings. The No Cost EMI facility is available in India on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.


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